Flooring Young Home Owners For 2017

The housing market in Australia has had a reputation as being hard to break into for younger people, but we were floored to hear this hasn’t been the case for Brisbane South. Thomas Eldridge from Stroud Homes Brisbane South was telling us he’s only recently handed over a few homes to people in their very early twenties. “It’s a great pleasure to see them starting in the home market at such a young age, and being able to give them such a quality home that I know they’ll be able to make a … [Read more...]

Time Lapse Footage Of Knockdown & Rebuild With Montego

Watch as this modified Montego 393 takes shape in amazing time lapse footage. This is a great example of  what can be achieved when you choose to knockdown and rebuild. Read more about this build in Building for a Million Dollar View. … [Read more...]

Speeding Up Council Approvals

We can all understand bad weather, delivery delays, and even design issues that can blow out a new home’s build time, but these aren’t always the biggest delays a new home faces. Often council approvals can be the major delay, as building itself cannot start until all contracts are submitted and the approvals have been issued. While this is something all builders face, the team at Stroud Homes Brisbane South have found their determination can speed up this process. “We work closely to … [Read more...]

Case Study: Building For A Million Dollar View

Stroud Homes Northern Rivers were approached to perform a knockdown rebuild on a property with a number of restrictive features, but some spectacular views and surrounds to make the project well worth the hard work. Pitched on the side of a hill, there were retaining walls that couldn’t be removed, a small, single access driveway, and a pool that needed to be removed and filled in. The property itself afforded amazing views spanning from Byron Bay to the left, Lennox Head to the right, … [Read more...]

Sunshine Coast Is Going “Gangbusters”

In our last article we spoke about the new Aura Estate under development south of Caloundra. This new housing estate will see over 20,000 new homes built for over 50,000 Sunshine Coast residents, along with a new display home for Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast. This massive new estate, the largest residential housing estate in Australia, is just one of many new developments occurring on the Sunshine Coast this year, and Dan Chapman from Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast is excited at what’s to … [Read more...]

Building For A Busy Year

The team at Stroud Homes Port Macquarie have already hit their target for their first year so it’s all growth from here. “My goal for this year was to sell 12 houses and we’ve already done that, so now our focus is our contracts, getting slabs on the ground, and getting those processes a bit more streamlined,” builder Joel Freeman says. The first slab for Stroud Port Macquarie is due to hit the ground in 4 weeks and is actually a custom design that was brought to Joel. “It’s 280 square … [Read more...]

Australia’s Largest Residential Housing Development

The Sunshine Coast is now home to the country’s largest residential housing development, as 25,000 new homes are set to be built in the new Aura Estate to the south of Caloundra. We spoke to Dan Chapman from Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast about this new development and what it means for new home buyers and available building designs. “It’s huge,” Dan says, “they describe it as if you took Gladstone, pick it up and put it below Caloundra – that’s what it’s equivalent to.” While the new … [Read more...]

Building A Competitive Display Home

Stroud Homes Port Macquarie is getting ready to start building a new display home in Sovereign Hills’ new Stirling Green estate. While there are 16 builders in the village, many of the other builders have already started building their display homes, with half of them finished before the launch last week. We spoke to Joel about the Stroud display home, the fellow builders in the area, and a little bit of friendly competition between them. “Myself and one other builder are late … [Read more...]

Sydney: A Tale Of Two Storeys

Sydney’s property prices have become renowned and the team at Stroud Homes Sydney South West have seen a significant rise in the property prices in their area this past year. “We’ve seen some clients with over $100 of equity in their land before the property is even registered,” Freddy says. This has caused an increase of small blocks on the market as people try to keep prices down, which in turn has resulted in the need to build double storey homes. “Some of the blocks just can’t fit a … [Read more...]

10 Reasons To Invest In Ipswich

We’re almost three months in to 2017 and it’s set to be a huge year for us at Stroud Homes Brisbane West, and the greater Ipswich area. If you’re looking to build an investment home this year and still haven’t settled on a location, here are 10 reasons why Ipswich should be on your radar. Over 5,000 house sales are expected during 2017 – this is double the number of home sales just 5 years ago.  The number of properties listed for sale continues to decline.  Property … [Read more...]

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