Meet Our New Sydney South West Builder: Freddy Khachan

Branching into the Sydney market, Stroud Homes is excited to announce its new home builder for the Sydney South West and Liverpool region: Freddy Khachan. Coming from ten years in the family construction company, working as site supervisor and contract administrator, Freddy branched out into building inspections. It was from looking after new home buyers with full building reports and defect lists that he noticed a drop in quality in the housing market. “Because the market has moved so … [Read more...]

Meet Our New Wagga Wagga Builder: John Heffernan

Stroud Homes is proud to announce our newest edition to the building team, with home builder John Heffernan now looking after the Wagga Wagga area. Starting with an apprenticeship at the age of 16, John has been in the building industry in Wagga Wagga for over 20 years. He’s a qualified cabinet maker, carpenter and builder with a keen eye for detail and high standards for quality. While John will be offering the award winning designs of Stroud Homes, as a Wagga local he’s looking forward … [Read more...]

New Deebing Heights display home opening July 11!


You're invited to the grand opening of our new display home at 2 Honeyeater Lane Deebing Heights on Saturday July 11 between 11am and 2pm. Join Jason Till and the Brisbane West team as we celebrate the opening of this new Wildflower 256 at the Sovereign Pocket. Download the brochure or click the main image below... (PDF 900K) Driving Directions Click to open larger map … [Read more...]

Road testing the Fire Pit at our Jimboomba Woods display


Our team at Stroud Homes "tested" the fire pit at a small team event on a Friday night recently. It proved to be a really great area to sit around on a chilly night. Sitting low means you're out of the breeze, keeping everyone warm. We tried roasting marshmallows, that worked fine, it seems as the marshmallow bag was soon empty! (be careful not to drop marshmallows on the hot rocks). One thing was missing! - the typical smoke in your eyes that you'd normally have with a wood fire was … [Read more...]

Stroud Racing Update – May 2015


FX series at Queensland Raceway Only 1 event during May for the Stroud racing team.. A late decision to compete in the new FX series at Queensland Raceway had mixed outcomes. Andy decided to attend the practice afternoon and in good conditions had set up issues “I am still having issues with the traction control and getting the bike to turn, I am constantly running wide and have had too many visits to the grass.” Race day threw in another obstacle, a head wind and inconsistent wind … [Read more...]

No Change Advantage


If you buy one of our plans without making changes, we often have special deals from our suppliers that we can pass on to you. A lot of people ask us if it's worth making a small change or two to the plans to personalize it. That's a decision you have to make. But we make it easy for you by offering a no change range benefit. Basically if you take a plan without changing anything, we can buy the pieces of that house from our suppliers cheaper. So we pass that on to you. So look, if you're … [Read more...]

Builder Tested Inclusions


At Stroud Homes we test all our inclusions in our own homes before we put them in yours. Find out why. Our Stroud Homes inclusions have a special feature that no other building company that I know of has. We take our inclusions home and test them in our own personal homes. To get to the point where people moved into their new home and didn't ring us, we had to find products that could stand the test of time and the test of people's children. So we tested them in our home, for example, our … [Read more...]

The Advantages Of House and Land Packages


James discusses the advantages of purchasing a House and Land package and the work that goes into preparing them, so you don't have to do that work when you are ready to buy. So you can't fit every house on every block. You have to find a house that fits the block. Sometimes we have people come to see us. They bought a block of land, they fallen in love with it, and the house that they love doesn't fit on it. Sometimes they pick a house that they fall in love with and they've got to go … [Read more...]

T Blade Timber Post Bases


At Stroud Homes we use T blade timber post bases on all posts. These T blade bases look great while providing excellent structural support. The quality of a new home is measured by a lot of small things. And one of the small things that we are very proud of here at Stroud Homes is the T Blade post bases. The standard way that you might have seen it done is a post support that has a galvanized piece coming up the outside of each side of the post in a U-shape. This piece fits neatly inside … [Read more...]

Advantages Of A Single Concrete Slab


In this video James Stroud explains the benefits of pouring a single, seamless concrete slab. All our concrete slabs at Stroud Homes are poured this way ensuring a clean and maintenance free surface for years into the future. Video Transcription Have you ever owned a home? Or you had to deal with the joint between the outdoor concrete patio slab and the indoor one? Ants coming up, weeds coming up, and possibly even termites coming up. Have you ever had that problem? At Stroud Homes, I will … [Read more...]

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