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Pollie Bait – Starring Jarrod Bleijie

The team at Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast have teamed up with Member for Kawana, Jarrod Bleijie, to raise over $25,000 for local charities. When Dan Chapman found out Mr Bleijie hadn’t swam in the ocean for over 18 years due to a phobia of sharks he developed in his teens, he sent out a challenge to participate in a campaign to raise much needed funds. Headlined as “Pollie Bait”, Mr Bleijie has reluctantly agreed to face his fears and dive with the sharks at Sea Life Sunshine Coast on 22 … [Read more...]

Upgrading Your Slab/Foundations

How Much does it cost to upgrade your slab and foundations? troud Homes provides you with a ‘M’ class soil as a standard. We have found that 95% of other builders only provide you with a ‘S’ type soil which is only found to be about 2% of the building sites on the Sunshine Coast. Below is an easy table to determine what the simple cost are to upgrade your soil for a standard Home up to 250m2. What type of slab do I need? For all ratings, it's simply a matter of building a foundation … [Read more...]

Sunshine Coast Is Going “Gangbusters”

In our last article we spoke about the new Aura Estate under development south of Caloundra. This new housing estate will see over 20,000 new homes built for over 50,000 Sunshine Coast residents, along with a new display home for Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast. This massive new estate, the largest residential housing estate in Australia, is just one of many new developments occurring on the Sunshine Coast this year, and Dan Chapman from Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast is excited at what’s to … [Read more...]

Australia’s Largest Residential Housing Development

The Sunshine Coast is now home to the country’s largest residential housing development, as 25,000 new homes are set to be built in the new Aura Estate to the south of Caloundra. We spoke to Dan Chapman from Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast about this new development and what it means for new home buyers and available building designs. “It’s huge,” Dan says, “they describe it as if you took Gladstone, pick it up and put it below Caloundra – that’s what it’s equivalent to.” While the new … [Read more...]

Supplier of the Month – Congratulations Chris!

This month we have a Supplier of the Month! Meet Chris from Sunshine Mitre 10: Name: Chris Rawlins Business name: Sunshine Mitre 10 How long have you been in the trade? Just over 10 years What is the most challenging part of your job? Dealing with many different builders over many different facets of building at the same time. Where do you currently live? Beerwah Where did you grow up? New Zealand, then here on the Sunshine Coast Do you also have family here on the … [Read more...]

February Tradie Of The Month – Congratulations Brodie!

Name: Brodie White. Business Name: Foam & Render Co. How long have you been in the trade? 12 years on and off. What is the most challenging part of your job? Barry, ha ha! Where do you currently live? Mountain Creek. Where did you grow up? Caloundra. Do you also have family here on the Sunshine Coast? Sure do, the whole 23 of them. What is the first thing you do when you wake up / start the day? Have an Oxyshred and go to gym. What do you do for fun? Hang out … [Read more...]

Building Support For Our Beaches

As you may already know, Stroud Homes pledges to plant 15 trees for every home we build. For Dan Chapman at Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast, he’s let his tree balance build to the point that he can build some effective erosion barriers – with over 350 trees! With such a considerable number to plant, Dan asked the Sunshine Coast Council where there has been the greatest damage to the environment that needs repair. “They’ve put us on to some damaged dune systems on our beaches,” Dan … [Read more...]

Supporting Each Other & Rural Communities

While each of the Stroud locations work within their teams, there’s plenty of support between the builders across office locations, as we found out talking to Dan Chapman of Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast recently. At the end of last year, Greg Neville from Stroud Homes Toowoomba approached Dan about helping out with a charity project. Greg, working with ROUNDS (ND Rural Health Organisation), was wanting to help rebuild the Galupa Safety House – the base for a suicide prevention group in an … [Read more...]

Stroud Homes Wins 2017 Asia/Pac BEFA Award!

Stroud Homes is celebrating our "Most Innovative Company" win in the 2017 Asia/Pacific Business Excellence Forum Award. We'd like to congratulate fellow winner, Mick Bentham, awarded for his Bentham foundation and their work in Nepal! … [Read more...]

Insider Tips For Selecting A Builder

If you’re thinking about building on the Sunshine Coast, you’re lucky enough to have the best builders in Australia to choose from. Picking a team to build your most precious asset is not something to be taken lightly, the decision needs to be given the respect and time it deserves. These insider tips have been created not just by people in the building industry, but by families who have grown up and lived on the Sunshine Coast. It includes advice from people currently building their first … [Read more...]

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