10 Ways to Make your New Stroud House Feel Like Home

10 Ways to Make your New Stroud House Feel Like Home

How to make your new Stroud House feel like home

Everyone is excited on move in day but the first few weeks feel foreign and take some adjusting.

Here are some tips to settle in as quickly as possible:

  • Wardrobe – Aside from your obvious food items needing refrigeration & storage, your personal wardrobe can be the best starting point for unpacking. This will at least have you to work on time!
  • Kids Rooms – If the kids are at an appropriate age let them organise their own room, it will keep them happy & busy.

  • Familiarity – Recreate familiar sights & sounds as soon as possible. Maybe your usual playlist to help set the mood while you are busy unpacking, a clock with the ticking sound you know so well, or your favourite photos, ornaments or plants perhaps.
  • Planning – Leave photos or painting in a spot you are considering before hanging. Ensure it suits the new house, position etc before you make holes in the wall.
  • Everyday Routine – try to continue your usual routines where possible and set any new rules early (where to leave your shoes, keys etc)
  • Your favourites –  If you unpack some of your favourite items that you can access easily, your music, candles, kids or pet’s toys or any comfort item to have at the ready.

  • Comfort –  Get your clean sheets and make your beds before you get too tired at the end of a long day un-packing. Your own pillow or favourite blanket will always make things Feel Like Home!
  • Smells – The ‘’New’’ home smell such as fresh paint etc can be quite different so you can get some familiar smells with candles, cleaning products and fragrance items you are used to.
  • Home Meal – If possible use your new kitchen to create the familiar smells and routine of family dinner time. Food always gives the feeling of home & comfort.
  • Smile – Don’t sweat the small stuff now enjoy! You have made it on this crazy busy journey give yourself time to transition into your newly loved but unfamiliar territory. Before you know it your New Stroud House will ‘Feel like home’.