A Look To 2018

A Look To 2018

After taking a much-needed break with the family over the festive season, Nathan Dunn from Stroud Homes Gold Coast North & South said, “We’re feeling revitalized to help families secure their own peace of a heaven with Stroud Homes in 2018.”

They are expecting a massive year ahead by planning on putting down 80 new slabs with the hopes to grow their business by 30%.

How Will They Accomplish This?

“We are the most caring, transparent and customer service focused builder on the Gold Coast. We have the systems, the team and the capability to deliver a rewarding experience,” Nathan says these qualities help them when it comes to passing them on as a reference to family and friends wanting to build.

In 2018, the team are also looking to become major players in the knock down / rebuild market that is heating up in the southern end of the Gold Coast. They plan on tackling this market by working on a range of narrow lot designs that will suit homes around southern Gold Coast.

Questions Before You Build in 2018

Q: What is the No. 1 question people should ask their builder?
A: What are your guarantees? What do your clients say about you and the experience you provide?

Q: What is the No. 1 question people should ask themselves before deciding to build?
A: Can I afford this or what can’t I afford not to include in my home.

Q: What is the No.1 question people should ask themselves before choosing a home design?
A: Master to front or master to the rear? Where is the sun in relation to my home sitting? Good sun is so important when thinking about the aspect of rooms.

Nathan would like to invite you all to visit their Facebook page and sign up to their newsletter so that you don’t miss out on what they’ll be up to in the next year. If you like you can drop in and see Nathan and the team or call them on 07 5607 4850 to discuss building a home on the Gold Coast.