3 Luxury Features You Can Add to an Affordable Home

3 Luxury Features You Can Add to an Affordable Home

Sometimes it’s not the big features that bring elegance and luxury to a property; it can be the smaller design touches that add the style and taste that turn a house into something that little bit more special – without it adding a huge premium to its cost.

The key is understanding exactly what a house should be. A home acts like a machine designed to make a family’s life even better than it already is. The key years when your children are young, go through high school and then reach wedding age should be complemented by a home that makes those years the most fantastic that they can possibly be.

I had the privilege some years back of working on very high end luxury homes in Sydney and so I was privy to some of the components that made those properties special; but what struck me was that many of them weren’t out of the reach of an average home. I always wanted to bring these multi-millionaire features to the $300,000 homes I built.

Below are three ideas for creating the look and the feel, without the budget-blowing price.

The Master Bedroom Overlooking the Pool

We can’t all have harbour views or beachside mansions, but a simple pleasure like waking up with a view of water can be created by having your master bedroom overlooking the pool.

This simple floor plan strategy can change the whole ambience of the main bedroom without costing anything; and it can make every morning a little more special, if you love the water like most Aussies; if you moved here from somewhere like the UK, or Canada (like me), it would be an amazing feature that you just would not see at home.

A Kitchen-Based Wine Cellar

We Aussies love our wine, so why do so few houses have a wine cellar?

Wine has become woven into the fabric of Australian life, such is our enjoyment of the great reds and whites we produce. So, how about a wine cellar in your kitchen that allows your guests to see your wine collection and choose from it?

A wine cellar doesn’t need to be a dusty cobweb-ridden cubby hole under the stairs; your kitchen can have a pantry that opens up with a central wine rack. Instead of seeing half-filled bags of flour and sugar when people come into your kitchen it’s pretty impressive when your full wine collection reveals itself.

Your Space and Their Space

The people who work so hard paying for the home deserve rewarding with some private space of their own. That’s not to forget the children, but using space intelligently to create distinct areas in the plan of the house really makes a difference.

Giving the children their own area at the front of the house, a little bit separated from mum and dad, but not too far apart, creates an environment where children comfortable and can relax, while mum and dad watch a movie or catch up on the day’s events together over a glass of wine. It’s popular with the kids because they get their space too without being locked in their bedrooms and separated from the family.

You can see how a little extra thought and planning goes a long way into designing smart, affordable homes with a hint of luxury.

Recently the designers at Stroud Homes created a superb display home in Yarrabilba incorporating these three features. The celebration with our suppliers on completion of the project proved that the wine cellar and master bedroom would be hugely popular features, and the children naturally gravitated to the children’s relaxation area to enjoy their space.

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