5 Tips for Helping Pets Settle into a New Home

5 Tips for Helping Pets Settle into a New Home

Attention pet lovers!

The team here at Stroud Homes Northern Rivers finds one of the important things that makes their home feel like home is opening the front door to the adoring face of their dogs greeting them with love and excitement.

Our pets are a big part of our family and we would like to give you 5 tips for helping the furry member of the family settle in when you’re moving into a new home.

Five Handy Hints for Helping your Pets Adjust


  1. If you are visiting the site with your site supervisor as part of your 5 guided tours then bring your dog along to get use to the area
  2. Consider having your pets ‘baby-sat’ during packing and moving to avoid any accidents
  3. Ensure all fences are checked and secured before moving day and any new alarm systems take inside pets into consideration
  4. Visit your local vet if new to the area and ask if snakes, ticks, fleas, toads, diseases etc are common in your area. They can help transfer all of your pet’s medical history to ensure you are kept up to date on everything. Also, update their microchipping and registration details.
  5. Have your pet’s familiar items on hand straight away to help calm them (their beds, bowls, toys with familiar smells and comforts)[/one-half-first]
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