6 Reasons To Get A Pro-landscaper For Your New Home

6 Reasons To Get A Pro-landscaper For Your New Home

Here’s six good reasons you should invest in professional landscaping before you move into your new home:

  1. Landscaping stabilises your block and prevents erosion
  2. Maintains the cleanliness of your home – no mud tracked inside
  3. A DIY landscaping project can take a lot of time – hire a pro and free your weekends for recreation
  4. Enables improved resale of the property if this is required in an emergency
  5. Hiring a landscaper is a much more cost effective and efficient option
  6. Having your landscaping done maximises your enjoyment of your property from day one – your house looks beautiful from the start.

Video Transcription

G’day and welcome to talking about landscaping with James Stroud.

Look, I’ve been out this morning. It’s a very cool Saturday morning in June here in Queensland. And looking at some of the houses they were building. Look I just want to talk about landscaping. I would like to encourage people to get a pro-landscaper. So I’m going to give you the six top reasons why you should get a pro-landscaper on to your house. I’m not saying you should get us to do it, I’m just saying that you should get one. We’re more than happy to quote if you just want to have it included in your house building contract, but I believe for you to enjoy the house building experience the most, you need to get a pro-landscaper in. There’s enough jobs for you to do that you don’t even think of when you’re moving into a new home and setting it up. All the little things, putting a new message on the answering machine, buying a new fridge, all that sort of thing, gets totally forgotten about when people are imagining that they’ll have the time to do landscaping. So I’d be realistic and I’m going to give you the six top reasons why you should get a pro-landscaper.

Number 6.

When you get a landscaper in, immediately after your house is finished, it locks the soil in place. So drainage is one of the most important things. We get a lot of rain here in Queensland. And to make sure that your house is stable and the soil doesn’t move around, you have to lock the soil in place. So the soil has a certain fall to it, which allows the water that drained away in a storm. Locks it in place.

Number 5.

Keeps your house clean. Look, if you get the landscaping done as soon as your house is finished, it keeps your house clean. Nothing is more disheartening than moving into a new house, getting a bunch of rain and then having your little kids, who don’t mean to cause trouble, but they’re tracking mud all through the house. And I go around to see some of our customers after they’ve moved in and there’s bits of cardboard laying around and there’s bits of whatever leftover carpet. Just try and keep the mud down. And look, it’s a battle that you’ll lose really. You’ll end up with staining on the carpet and all that sort of thing.

Number 4.

Free yourself from weekend slavery. To do landscaping properly including great fences, nice gardens with mulch, a bit of stone, a bit of stepping stones, nice concrete, garden edging, turf, the whole works, fully grown plants, the whole shebang. To do that properly and all at once, you’re going to be a weekend slave for about two months straight. And if you do it every second weekend or something like that, suddenly it stretches out to six months. Maintaining your landscaping in your home and getting the kids to soccer and all the other things that come up in life it is hard enough without adding a major works project to your list of tasks that you have to handle when you’re building a new home.

Number 3.

What if we need to sell? There’s all sorts of figures about the significant value that turf adds to a new home. You have to keep that in mind. Our homes, for most of us, are our major asset. And if in case of illness or you lose your job or you get transferred and you have to move, look there’s a million reasons why you may need to sell your home. Believe me, you don’t want to have to unexpectedly sell your home when it hasn’t been landscaped properly. You just will not get the proper value of your home and I mean you will miss out on your sell price by much more than the cost of getting the landscaping done. There is no doubt about that.

Number 2.

It costs the same or less. Landscaping contractors are so efficient. They come in with the bobcat or the dingo or whatever and they drill the fence post holes and they do work that you and I would do on a weekend with a shovel. And we’d feel very macho about it, feel tired and have a quick trip to the chiropractor and all that. They’ll just go bang, bang, bang, bang, drill all the holes, put the fence posts in and make it look very easy. Believe me, it’s not when you don’t have a dingo. Or even if you rent a dingo and you don’t know how to operate it properly, it’s not easy. They will do it easy.

Now, I had landscaping done. A turnkey landscaping package I guess you would call it, including:

  • turf
  • garden edging
  • mulches
  • fully grown plants
  • short plants
  • shrubs
  • the fence
  • some stepping stones
  • some pebbles in areas where grass wouldn’t grow

on an 800 square meter block for $15,000 in 2012 I think that was. So that would give you a rough idea what to expect on an 800 square meter block.

Number 1.

Okay. The number one reason why you would get a professional landscaper on your job: so that you can enjoy the house building experience. So many people come in, look at the artist impressions, look at some display homes. And when they go to move into their house and it’s just a bunch of dirt around the house, believe me, it takes the shine off the experience for you. You’re probably only going to get to build one or two new homes in your life if you are like the average person. And you want to really enjoy it. It’s really important. At Stroud Homes we do whatever we can to try to set the system all up, so that you enjoy the house building experience.

And those are the six reasons why I encourage you to look at hiring a pro-landscaper. You’ve got two options there: A, get us to quote it; B, find a landscaper and line them up for shortly after we hand over the home to you. But I really would discourage you from attempting this gargantuan huge task yourself. Thanks for listening. Have a great day.