7 Ways Australian House Buyers Have Changed in Recent Years

7 Ways Australian House Buyers Have Changed in Recent Years

The options for the process of buying a house used to be rather limited – and numerous trips to real estate agents, the bank and often to innumerable properties still might not yield a home you could actually buy.

In recent years, the options have greatly expanded and many new home hunters may not even leave the comfort of their own home by the time they are ready to do a deal!

Here are seven of the main changes we have observed in the typical Australian house hunter over the past few years:

The Home Hunter is Busier than Before

Despite the fact that buying a home is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make, people are far too busy to make wasted journeys. Being busier at work and socially, with so many different options for filling the day, people are less likely to come out to view display homes or properties, unless they are already convinced that it’s worth their while taking a slot out of their busy day.

They Research More Thoroughly

Despite having apparently less time to view properties, this doesn’t mean that they will make rash decisions or are less thorough in their research. In fact they use all the online tools available to really check deals, loans, and properties out before they meet the developer, agent or seller in person.

They May Be More Advanced than the Seller Thinks

The likelihood is the buyers will have done their homework, and may be at a fairly advanced stage of the learning and buying process, by the time they meet with a builder, seller or agent. Many tools are available for them to learn what they need to know before a face to face meeting. This means that house builders, developers and agents need to “go to the buyer” and proactively provide all the information they need, rather than waiting for the buyer to knock on their door and ask questions.

They are Tech Savvy

The modern house hunter may have already seen the property multiple times from many different angles online,  by the time they see it in the flesh. As most Aussies are permanently connected to the web, and most real estate agents, house builders and developers have increased their online presence in recent years, it’s natural that buyers have become better informed using this technology.

They Use Social Media

Interactive Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter feeds all play a part, as well as email and websites these days. Facebook pages can chart a family’s progress from searching and buying a property to moving in, all backed up with photographs and comments. This just goes to show that buying a house is an emotional story that many are interested in.

They Expect Service and Choice

Home buyers, like most customers, expect to be looked after; nowadays that means being cared for online – not only with product and service information but with support. Live chat assistants are a great way for websites to accommodate buyer support and provide real-time information and advice.

They Want to Know Exactly How Much it Costs

People want to know exactly what all the costs are, with as few variables and unknowns as possible. Unknowns have a habit of being rather expensive when it comes to soil tests and surveys, so fixed price house and land packages are becoming increasingly popular. This is where the developer has blocks of “low risk” land where they know the conditions, and can therefore offer the buyer a guaranteed price, confident that there will be no nasty surprises when they start building.

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