8 Questions With Matt Lowson

8 Questions With Matt Lowson

What can you tell us about yourself?

I started out as a tradesman for eight years, like most in the industry. I’ve also supervised plenty of building projects (750+ homes in the last 15 years) and working in construction management for three major builders. I’ve learnt a great deal from my experiences, taken the positives from them and now I’ve gone into my own business I’m looking forward to applying it to Stroud Homes.

What do you bring to Stroud Homes Northern Rivers which puts you ahead of the competition?

Myself. Not a big corporate company but a person you can meet and talk to.

When does the new office open?

We’re still working on the new office. We’re scheduled to open on November 8 at this stage.

What can people expect to see when they come in to your new Northern Rivers office?

People will get an idea of the standard of the items going into their house will be so they can start getting an image of not just the house, but how it will look as their home. You’ll also see everything with a smile and friendly, happy people wanting to build their home.

What should people looking for an investment property consider with building a new home?

Firstly consider your location. Secondly, consider your inclusions from the builder as part of the price. When it comes to even just our standard, base level inclusions, I believe we offer much better inclusions than a lot of the other builders out there.

What sort of house & land packages are available in the Tweed Heads area?

I’m really excited about the future of the house & land packages in the coastal area. There are two estates that look to be opening during the next few months, one of which is in Kingscliff on the ocean. We don’t know exactly how many lots will be available yet but it’s looking promising.

Consumer confidence is quite high at the moment with developers looking to get more estates going in the area, and that’s great for us and local families. The coastal strip holds enormous potential for a fantastic beachside family home that will serve the needs of a growing family . There is a real community/village style atmosphere within these suburbs and with a new shopping precinct about to commence, the future is looking very bright for those wanting part of this enviable lifestyle. And it is more affordable than ever before , with our tailor designed house and land packages.

What attracted you to joining Stroud Homes?

In one word; culture! The culture of Stroud is so far removed from the norm when it comes to building companies. They’re a really innovative and forward thinking company and that’s what’s important for me.

Anything else that you want to add?

I’d love the opportunity to sit down and explain what it is that we do and how we’re different. Also to explain the benefits of building a new home, especially with us.

Basically it comes down to customising the house for what you want. What you’d spend on an existing home could also get you a new home that’s made just for you.