A Great Start for Stroud Homes Lockyer Valley

A Great Start for Stroud Homes Lockyer Valley


Happy New Year from Stroud Homes Lockyer Valley!

Already the successful owner of Stroud Homes Ipswich and well known in the region for delivering a great customer experience and superb quality, Tom Sachs opened up another office in Lockyer Valley last year.

Tom’s goal and ambition at Stroud Homes is to create quality homes for his customers, delivered with impeccable service.

We check in with Tom how the year of 2019 went and what the outlook for 2020 is.

If you had to describe 2019 in three words, what would they be?

Challenging, exciting, and rewarding!

Kentucky 304 Mountain Façade

What was the highlight for your franchise in 2019? You are more than welcome to talk about a few!

Securing our block of land to build the new Kentucky 304 display home!

At around 26 meters wide, the Kentucky 304 is right at home on acreage land. In its ideal orientation (north up), the Alfresco and living areas are bathed in warm morning light, creating a most comfortable home.

Read more about all the great features of this beautiful design: Kentucky 304

Stroud Homes Wildflower 256 Alpine Display Home South Ripley-15

What was the biggest hurdle you or your business overcame in 2019?

Balancing maintaining the builds we had in Ipswich, while at the same time expanding into the Lockyer Valley and tackling a whole new market.

Did you notice any building trends in your region over the year?

Air conditioning has become a ‘must have’.

A few years ago, the majority of our new builds didn’t have air conditioning in them, this year, it has been very rare to build one without air conditioning.

Any particular areas/suburbs in your region where it has been more popular, or becoming increasingly more popular, to move to and build new homes in?

We have seen huge popularity spikes in Fernvale and Plainland. Nice big blocks with all of the benefits of living in town!


What are you most looking forward to in 2020?

Opening our display home is Plainland!

Do you have any personal or business-related New Years’ resolutions or goals you are setting for 2020?

Personal: Spend more time surfing / Business: Start construction on 15 homes in the Lockyer Valley by the end of 2020.

Lastly, any important dates or milestones we should know about for 2020?

Our display home will be opening in the first half of 2020, we will update everyone as soon as we have a confirmed date – keep an eye out for more information soon!

This display home will be for sale – read more about the benefits of buying this display home: Invest Lockyer Valley’s New Display Home

Tom Sachs
Tom Sachs

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