A New Way to Holiday – the Staycation

A New Way to Holiday – the Staycation


Creative ‘Staycations’

During these unprecedented times, it’s great seeing people getting creative and setting up tents and camping in backyards to get that holiday feel still.

The restrictions around Australia will hopefully ease soon, but we enjoy the creativity this time has brought in doing things a little different at home.

Finding new ways to continue to communicate, exercise, work, schooling, play, cook, garden and maybe having time to learn something new may be some of the positives during this time.

At Stroud Homes Port Macquarie, we have gathered some great ideas on how to create a holiday right where you are.

If you need more inspiration, you can visit any of Stroud Homes display home from the comfort of your own home via the Virtual Display Village.


Holiday inspiration at home

If you are missing a holiday destination here are a few ideas to try to keep the holiday vibe at home.

  • Use a smell that reminds you of a special holiday destination. It could be a Pina Colada scented candle to remind you of cocktails/mocktails around the pool.
  • Cook a meal that was special on your holiday.
  • You can use something you bought from your holiday (maybe it was a piece of clothing, souvenir etc).
  • Get out the pictures, maybe choose one to frame and hang it up.
  • If you met or went on this holiday with someone else, get online and have a chat and reminisce and laugh about your adventures!

Building your dream home

Hopefully these few easy tips will get you in a relaxed vacation mood at your own house.

If you’re are building a home and you have some inspiration from your holiday you would like to incorporate in your dream home, we can help you!

We can help plan any dream home and incorporate a pool, deck, outdoor kitchen and any certain styles that will make it feel like an everyday resort.

If you have any questions about Stroud Homes’ building process, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team on 02 6516 2233 or contact them on their Facebook Page.

Joel Freeman
Joel Freeman

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