Acres of Building Options

Acres of Building Options

For many of us, when we think of Gold Coast dream homes we imagine either beachside houses with a view, or those large homes on sprawling lands up in the hinterland.

Nathan from Stroud Homes Gold Coast has had the opportunity to build a number of acreage homes in the “green behind the gold.”

While there are plenty of benefits to the extra space and large home designs, he stresses that it’s important to make sure an acreage is the right property for you, and to research the extra considerations for such a home.

“The benefit really relates to a lifestyle choice – it provides freedom to a degree, but comes down to cost and being able to have the time and finances for the upkeep on a larger property,” Nathan says.

“You must keep in mind finishing costs too: essential stuff like HSTP and water tanks because a lot of acreage land doesn’t have town sewer and water, additional site works costs, the additional runs of power, water and storm water.

“Is the land flat or undulating, do you need retaining walls, how will you landscape the property and have you considered budgeting the cost of the additional driveways and paths needed to reach the property?”

If you have considered the extra cost and upkeep, an acreage home gives you a lot more freedom to personalise and room for upgrades.

Many customers like not having their neighbours butted up close, providing both space and privacy at the same time.

“There’s also the freedom of lifestyle activities and being able to keep more toys essentially.”

Those who do want the space for more toys often upgrade the floorplan to a triple, or even quad garage.

Kentucky Mountain Façade with Quad Garage

“Most want to add a personal touch or creative flair, in part through the land’s orientation or a view they want to capture in the rooms of the home.”

Customers building these sprawling acreage homes often upgrade to the better fixtures and finishes, as well as stone work to match the rural setting.

“These are often statement pieces and work better in a larger home in regards to style and the space for them.”

To make sure your acreage home is as spectacular as you’re picturing it, Nathan urges you to consider some of the following points in the planning stages.

“Do your research on the land – know what you buying.”

  • Check the restrictions and encumbrances on your land
  • Make sure services like bin collection, power, water and sewage are available
  • Visit in the morning, night and just after it rains to see how the site is at different times of the day
  • Plan a budget, factoring in all your costings with plenty of wriggle room

“Everything is on a larger scale when building an acreage design on acreage land…” including your budget blowouts.

Finally, talk to the team at Stroud Homes Gold Coast – they’re experienced in these kinds of builds and the local area.

They’ll be able to help you work out what you’re after, and the home designs that are likely to work best for your land and expectations.

Visit one of the display homes in Pimpama or Coomera, or call 1300 669 938 to arrange an appointment today.