Adding To Your Stroud Home

Adding To Your Stroud Home

Every Stroud home comes with a long list of standard high-quality inclusions you can be proud of. But there are always extras you can add to your home to personalise it for you and your family.

We spoke to Megan from Stroud Homes Toowoomba about some of the upgrades her customers often go for.


“The biggest one would have to be pendant lights, I think, because it adds that personal touch,” Megan says.

When you choose the lighting upgrade, you get to choose your favourite pendants to suit your new home’s style.

Fixed pendant lights are usually installed in the kitchen or over the dining room table.

“Tiled shower niches are really popular – people like the look of them and it adds a luxurious feel to the bathroom, as opposed to just a little shelf.”

There’s a range of shower niche sizes available, they look great, hold all your soap, shampoo and shower products while being easy to clean.

You also have to consider the weather in the area where you build.

“Being Toowoomba, it’s good to consider either ducted air-conditioning or a fireplace.

“People love the wood burners here – traditionally in Brisbane most people would stick with gas – but I think it’s just something about Toowoomba.

“It’s a lot more of a country town and that’s probably what people have grown up with, so they do stick with the wood heaters.”

There are a selection of clean, energy efficient wood heaters to choose from in our premium upgrade options, as well as plenty of other ways to personalise your home.

Whether it’s a wooden deck, freestanding bath, ceiling fans or even a pool.

For more information about home designs and all your upgrade options, either drop into the Toowoomba display home or call 07 4615 4925 to make an appointment.