Advice For First Home Buyers In Wagga

Advice For First Home Buyers In Wagga

Wagga Wagga Wildflower 256 Display HomeIt’s a new year and some of you may be making new resolutions to get yourself into your own home for the first time. This is a major investment and a big decision in your life, so we had a chat with Toby from Stroud Homes Wagga Wagga for some advice.

He says the first step for any first home buyers should be to talk to a mortgage broker to work out what you can afford.

“You need to know your position and know it well, the bank will tell you what you can pay back. Just knowing your position and all the factors helps, knowing if you’re going to be comfortable is an important thing”, Toby says.

This means working out what you can afford to pay back, without being stretched to the limit of your budget. Once you’re in your new home, you want to be able to enjoy being there.

While not spending too much is one side, you still need to spend enough to get a decent home. He says people sometimes fall into the trap of going with the cheapest builder because they offer the lowest price per square metre, and this is something you should avoid.

“Especially for a first home buyer, because it puts a really bad taste in your mouth straight out of the bat – at the end of the day, they’re cheaper for a reason.”

Wagga home slabIt’s important to look for a quality builder, one who has a reputation for good workmanship, time and time again.

“A few ways to do this is to look at work they’ve done previously, asking people who have built with them and reading reviews.”

Once you’ve found the right builder, things start to get a bit easier, and this is where building can be a benefit for first home buyers.

“For one thing, it’s basically like getting your hand held – we can walk you through the steps of getting the home design that suits you perfectly.”

“A lot of people building a home for the first time, they’ve got young families or kids aren’t far away. You need to be building a house to set you up for now, and the future.”

These are the kinds of factors our experienced team will help you with, making sure your new home will accommodate the family you have now, and the one you may have in 5 years’ time.

If you’re looking at building your first home this year, drop in to the display centre, or our new display home to talk to us about what you’re looking for. We can take you through home designs that will suit you, and talk about the long list of standard inclusions that come with a quality Stroud home.