All you need to know about BASIX

All you need to know about BASIX

All you need to know about BASIX

BASIX stands for the Building Sustainability Index and is a scheme introduced by the government of New South Wales

As our focus has been shifted to our expenditure on our electricity usage and water usage, whilst maintaining an energy efficient home, the aim of BASIX is to create comfortable and cost-efficient living conditions.

In short, BASIX is all about focusing on requirements for water and energy usage and thermal comfort.

Here’s everything you need to know.

When is a BASIX certificate required?

BASIX is required for:

  • All new residential dwellings
  • Alterations and additions to dwellings that cost $50,000 or more
  • Swimming pools of 40,000 litres or more.

Construction cannot commence unless a BASIX certificate is presented and the plans match what is listed on the BASIX certificate.

How does Stroud Homes ensure the development plans meets the BASIX requirements?

Appropriate measures are put in place to have maximum chance of passing BASIX, this is done through:

  • Our high level of energy focused inclusions, i.e. Instantaneous gas hot water system, 4 star tapware, high rating insulation  (R2.5 High density to walls and R3.5 to ceilings).
  • Correct orientation of the home in the planning stage. Sometimes this is not possible if views are involved, there are options to work around this.
  • Our expertise with working on prior homes. For instance, if we know of certain suburbs or towns that require specific items, such as rain water tanks, then this is included in your initial pricing.

How do I get a BASIX Certificate?

At Stroud Homes Wagga Wagga, we do all the work to get your BASIX certificate.

This is part of our service so you do not have to be concerned with working out all the requirements for passing a home through BASIX.

What does the thermal comfort section of BASIX aim to do?

According to the BASIX website, the thermal comfort section of BASIX aims to ensure thermal comfort for your family, appropriate to the climate and season, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from artificial cooling and heating.

This is achieved through good building design and use of appropriate construction materials. With Stroud Homes, we offer free site inspections and take orientation into consideration to help pass BASIX.

We also have great plans that allow for cross ventilation and are optimal for northern facing homes.

Read more about thermal comfort: BASIX Help Notes – Thermal comfort

Do I need a BASIX certificate when I have access to my own water supply?

Yes, all new homes require a BASIX certificate regardless if you have your own water supply.

This is because with no main water supply, your land is expected to have sufficient alternative water sources (i.e. rainwater tanks) connected to satisfy demand.

BASIX assesses if these water sources are going to satisfy the demand of your water usage without needing excessive top-up of water from off-site.

Read more about water usage: BASIX Help Notes – Water

What are some of the changes that could potentially need to be done if my home does not pass BASIX?

The following is only a guide; every home is different and there could be some variance based on each home.

For instance, if your home does not pass the water component because you have put in a swimming pool, then a rainwater tank may be required to compensate for the usage of water in a swimming pool.

Or, if your home does not pass the thermal component because your living areas are facing south-west for views, then a higher insulation rating may be required.

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