An Instagrammable Build Journey

An Instagrammable Build Journey

Babbling Brook House

Recently we had the chance to ask Diane from Instagram’s Babbling Brook House @babblingbrookhouse about her experience building with Stroud Homes on the Sunshine Coast.

Diane has a great build story and we’ve enjoyed following her journey with Stroud Homes.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, your family and your big move?

Hi, I’m Diane, my hubby is Alex and we have a son aged 10 and a daughter of 6. We came over to the Sunshine Coast from WA in July 2016 to visit the area with the hope of finding land and then building our home.

My hubby loved the Sunshine Coast and it was during that visit that we saw our plot of land for the first time. Anyway long story short, the following March we decided to go ahead and make the big move to the Sunny Coast so we put in an offer for the land and it was accepted.

Why did you make the decision to build with Stroud Homes?

We approached a number of builders initially and from there we made a short list. Our final decision to build with Stroud was based on a number of things, their willingness and enthusiasm to take on our build, our sloping block and custom plan was no problem for Stroud and their fantastic ‘fully loaded’ inclusions meant that we could have our dream home built within our budget.

As you were in Western Australia while the build was in progress, communication must have been really important. Can you tell me about your experience?

Stroud’s communication from the beginning was great. Tyrone the Sales and Design Consultant was always available to answer any questions through phone calls and email.

Zoom conferencing was set up between Dan, the Director, Tyrone, my hubby and myself so we were able to have face to face chats just like we would’ve done if we were meeting them in their office.

Once our build had started we were linked via Voxer and would get updates every Friday from our site Supervisor Scott. I found this to be a fantastic way of communicating and keeping us informed of the weeks progress, any delays or issues and also what we could expect the following week.

Voxer was also used to communicate with our tiler and electrician.

How did you dream up the design of the house?

After looking at so many house designs online we could not find one design that ticked all of our boxes as well as being able to fit the shape of our land and sloping block (we wanted the use of the large flat area on our block for a garden and pool later on rather than build on it) so I went about sketching a rough plan of the house we wanted for our family.

Living in a few rentals gave us a good idea of what we wanted and didn’t want in our dream home.

For us it was about designing a home that we could grow into as a family, it also needed to not only suit our family here but also our relatives abroad who often spend up to two months at a time with us, so we knew having a third bathroom downstairs next to the guest bedroom was important.

We also designed the house to have three living areas as we have two growing kids who have completely different interests. We realised that what we needed were spaces that functioned well, but they didn’t have to be large spaces.

We then took our initial sketch to an architect who drew up plans for us. Once we made the decision to build with Stroud we worked with them and changed our original façade to incorporate their gorgeous Mountain Façade design into our home.

What feature or room were you most looking forward to seeing built?

The whole building process, right from breaking ground was thrilling for us and getting progress pics of the house sent through to us on Voxer was so exciting.

I enjoyed every stage of the build but I think for me it was seeing my kitchen installed, oh and that beautiful stone fire place of course.

Now you are in the house, what are you and your family enjoying most about it?

Can I say everything? I am totally loving my kitchen, everything about is perfect, it not only looks amazing but also functions so well and that huge gas strut window is awesome!!!

My hubby loves the spacious ensuite shower and the rain shower heads are such a dream. My kids love their bedrooms and the standalone bath in their bathroom (so do I) they’re also really enjoying having stairs in their home at the moment.

We all love the fireplace, because it is just awesome! and of course having lots of storage is a definite win too.

What will happen to your Instagram account now? Will you keep posting

I started my Instagram account @babblingbrookhouse as I thought it would be nice to document the process of our build. Along the way I have met some lovely fellow Instagrammers who are also documenting their builds and it’s such a great place to share ideas and get advice.

Right now, I’m enjoying turning our beautiful house into a home so I will continue to document the process on Instagram.

At the moment the walls in our home are bare, we still need some pieces of furniture and outside we are surrounded by mud, so it will be nice to have something to look back on in a few years’ time and see how far we’ve come.

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