Architect Designed Custom Homes

Architect Designed Custom Homes

The Custom Home Building Process

“One of the main benefits in choosing to go custom is that you can design a home to suit your exact needs, wants, land and budget,” says Jason Till from Stroud Homes Ipswich.

Custom Homes are ideal for clients who have a good idea of what they want from their new home or for customers that are negotiating a tricky block.

Jason, his team from Stroud Homes and their award-winning architect Tony Domingo are happy to work with you to create a home that is entirely your own dreaming or to make changes to a Stroud Home design so that it works best for your lifestyle and family.

Jason talks to us about how custom home design works with Stroud Homes:

Can you give me a run down on how custom builds work with Stroud Homes Brisbane West and Stroud Homes Ipswich?

Basically, one of two ways. Either we start from one of our many different home designs and alter to suit your exact needs, or we start from scratch with our architect Tony Domingo designing a home from the ground up to suit your block.

What is a common reason for a client choosing to build a custom home instead of choosing one of the tried and tested Stroud Homes designs?

The main reason for creating a custom home is to suit a tricky block. We are seeing more and more split-level designs or non-rectangular blocks that require a bit of out of the box thinking to make sure we can still make the best use of the land available.

Miami 270 Portico (Split Level) Façade
The Miami 270 Split-level design

Can you tell me about Tony your architect? When does Tony come into the process?

Tony Domingo is an award-winning architect that has designed everything from small homes to large industrial buildings.

Tony will sit down with you and listen to exactly what you need and design a home that matches what you imagine.

It will often be an ongoing process of discussing what will and won’t work and Tony’s expertise means that the home will still be functional and contain everything you need.

Does Stroud Homes Brisbane West offer a warranty on a custom build?

Absolutely, our custom homes are no different from our homes straight off the plan. All the same warranties still apply!

Costs and build times can be a bit unpredictable on custom homes, is that true for Stroud Homes Brisbane West?

Our custom home build times are no different to our straight off the plan build times. We still guarantee 16 weeks for a single storey home under 250m2.

Can you tell us about a custom build that you are really proud of?

One of our biggest homes to date, is a two storey home that was a custom plan that we developed alongside the client. The end result home is stunning.

Lastly, if you like a Stroud design, but want to make changes – can you do this too?

Of course! Most of our homes have at least some minor changes made to them before they are built to suit our client’s exact requirements.

Change our plans to suit you

With a great team behind you, an award-winning architect, build warranties and guaranteed build times, going for a custom build has never sounded so appealing!

If you’d like to learn more about the process or would like to talk to Jason and the team in Brisbane West and Ipswich about building a new home, give them a call on 07 3450 9857.


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