Australia’s Largest Residential Housing Development

Australia’s Largest Residential Housing Development

The Sunshine Coast is now home to the country’s largest residential housing development, as 25,000 new homes are set to be built in the new Aura Estate to the south of Caloundra.

We spoke to Dan Chapman from Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast about this new development and what it means for new home buyers and available building designs.

“It’s huge,” Dan says, “they describe it as if you took Gladstone, pick it up and put it below Caloundra – that’s what it’s equivalent to.”

While the new estate is set to see 25,000 new homes built for over 55,000 residents, many of these lots are quite compact.

“Pretty much the average size is 13 metres street frontage, so a big block would be considered 15 metres wide, and a small block; a lot of them are 10 metres and they’re going all the way down to 7 metres wide.”

Stroud Homes – Smaller Home Designs

While limited block sizes in areas of Brisbane and Sydney have seen surge in double storey homes going up, Dan doesn’t see this being the case on the Sunshine Coast.

“Many people in this area are aiming at lower mortgages, just trying to get into the game – so you’re not getting into a two storey for under $500,000.

“What we’re focusing on is making sure we’re getting what families need in a single storey for what they can afford.”

This is where Stroud Homes has an advantage, as many of our small homes are designed to make the most of limited space, while still giving a spacious feel throughout.

Dan will be building a display home in the estate, using a new design that was created in-house by the Sunshine Coast team.

“We believe we have one of the best designs on the market to deal with small blocks.

“The display home block there is only 350 square metres, and we’ve got a 4 bedroom, double garage home on it – when you walk in, it feels bigger than most other homes on bigger blocks.

Sunshine Coast’s Elliott 210 Home Design

“It’s a new design we’re developing and calling “The Alfred.”

“It hasn’t been released yet, but as soon as we’re finished the display home it’ll be released to the market.”

The Alfred won’t be the first home they’ve developed for the local market.

“We also developed the Azalea, which is a two storey ironically, and the Elliot, which is now a Stroud Homes standard.”

We’ll release more information when we have a launch date for the new display home in Aura Estate, but for now you can drop into the display centre, or the Bli Bli display home to discuss home designs and available house and land packages on the Sunshine Coast.