Behind the Scenes: 16 Week Build Time – Part 1

Behind the Scenes: 16 Week Build Time – Part 1

From the ground up, you might wonder what happens during the 16 week build time? How do Stroud Homes Brisbane North build in exceptional time and still be rated in the top 3% of build quality available?

We’ll be following one of our Custom Avoca 170 home builds so you can see what really goes on behind the scenes when we build your dream into reality.



Week 1: 24th June 2016 – 1st July 2016

Good news! We received council approval on Friday 24th June, once contract conditions were met, Earthworks commenced on 28th June.

The site set out and underground plumbing were both completed on the same day.

We accelerate to the 30th with the instalment of waffle pods, concrete footings and piers. (Don’t stress if you don’t know what these are, we’ll explain in the next blog)


Week 2: 1st July 2016 – 8th July 2016

With exceptional planning and supervision, we move onto Week 2.

On the 6th July, we completed the slab prep and pour.

What a crisp 10°C July morning this was!

Building in Brisbane North

Week 3: 8th July 2016 – 15th July 2016

Week three passes through as the slab cures and the pre-fabricated frames and trusses are being manufactured.


Week 4: 15th July 2016 – 22nd July 2016

We roll into the 4th week and hasn’t time flown by! On the 16th, frames are delivered and ready to be installed. On the 19th, we installed the framing and trusses. It’s looking more like a home as the weeks go on!

How do construction workers party? They raise the roof!

After the frame is completed, we proceed onto the Fascia and gutter install on 21st July. Moving forward to the 22nd and the windows and doors are being installed, along with the roof.


Steel Frame Home Build

Week 5: 22nd July 2016 – 29th July 2016

A few days pass after the Fascia is installed, and the wall wrap is completed on the 27th. This is to help reduce air-flow around insulation and through the home, allowing the insulation to work more efficiently.

All plumbing rough ins are complete. This job entails connecting the water system to provide water to the property.

My friend told me how electricity is measured and I was like Watt!

The electricians are on site the following day to complete the electrical rough ins, the same concept applies as the plumbing, except the power is connected and runs through the home to the power points, light switches etc.

We’d tell you one more of our construction jokes but we’re still working on it! Stay tuned for the next stage of building this dream into reality.