Bellmere 268

The Bellmere 268 home design is an exceptional family home. Featuring a large butler’s pantry and expansive living and dining which flow onto the alfresco, the Bellmere 268 is perfect for entertaining.

The home also features an impressive media room, as well as a child’s retreat which is conveniently located with an opening to the alfresco area. This home will accommodate your family for years to come.

All Stroud Homes designs come with our great range of inclusions and comprehensive building guarantees.

  • bellmere-268-4-br-design-floor-plan-nov-18-2016
  • bellmere-268-5-br-design-floor-plan-nov-18-2016
Due to differing State and Local Government regulations, plans may vary slightly to suit local requirements.

Bellmere 268 Façade Options

  • Bellmere_268_Classic_Facade_2.7_High_Ceiling_Aug_2015
  • Bellmere_268_Skillion_Facade_2.7_High_Ceiling_Aug_2015
  • Bellmere_268_Mountain_Facade_2.7_High_Ceiling_Aug_2015
  • Bellmere_268_Colonial_Facade_2.7_High_Ceiling_Aug_2015
  • Bellmere_268_Coast_Facade_2.7_High_Ceiling_Aug_2015

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Bellmere 268 Interior

  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-10
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-9
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-4
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-7
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-8
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-6
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-15
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-5
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-2
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-3
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-14
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-11
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-12
  • Stroud-Homes-Bellmere-268-13

This home features upgraded inclusions


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