Bring your vision to life & customise your plans with Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills

Stroud Homes New Home Designs Customised for sloped land

Bring your vision to life & customise your plans with Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills

Your Custom Home Builder

At Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills, we can design or adapt any existing plan to suit your block, your budget and your needs.

Currently we have over 130 plans with 10 variations per plan, and on top of that, we can custom design!

We always love a good bit of client inspiration, so if you have the vision of your dream home in mind, please come and see us!

We can help that vision become a reality, guiding you each step of the way, with honest answers, upfront costings, and we will tell you if something will work or not, just like we did with our recent client Madalyn.


Client inspiration: Madalyn

Madalyn’s vision will result in a fantastic home on stumps, with a wraparound deck, space for storage underneath, bedrooms, bathrooms and views galore (essential on the weekend to enjoy a glass of locally produced Shiraz!)

Madalyn wanted to maximise her views in Echunga, therefore didn’t want to dig a slab into the ground. There were also certain products she wanted to use, and was mindful about energy efficiency.

The result is a home that Madalyn had a concept of, and that she is excited about. It will all start to become a reality when earthworks commence this week.

As our client, you do not have to stick to our plans, but instead they can be used as a guide.

We can take ideas that work for you and figure out the best way to make your dream home happen.

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Fully Loaded Inclusions

In addition, there are many fantastic products on the market, and at Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills we are always willing to hear and learn about new products and ideas.

Our homes have over 81 Fully Loaded Inclusions which are most other builders’ upgrades.  This is an excellent list of high-quality inclusions, so that you are ready to move into your new home.

However, with so many fantastic products available on the market, why stop there?  We don’t want to restrict our clients but encourage your creativity and ideas!

If you would like to swap an inclusion for something a bit different, we’re happy for you to do so. We will then credit you the FULL VALUE of the item (not just a couple of dollars) and advise you of the cost difference, keeping your build transparent.

At Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills we have been working hard to get fantastic agreements with Reece and Harvey Norman Commercial, meaning the choice of products available are mind blowing!


Become ‘Stroud Proud’

Listening to a client become passionate about their build is what we want; building ‘homes, not houses’ is what we do!

This is an exciting process and should not be stressful, leaving you feeling flat or disappointed.

We want you to be excited about your build and proud of the new home you have put your heart and soul into – we want you to be Stroud and Proud!

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Talk to the Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills team today about your vision for your new home!

Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow

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