Brisbane East is Building Pet Friendly Homes

Brisbane East is Building Pet Friendly Homes

Consider your pet

Dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing. There are an estimated 24 million+ pets in Australia, of which around 4.8 million are pet dogs, meaning there are approximately 20 dogs for every 100 people in our country.

“Pets really are a big part of Australian lives. They are thought about in quite a lot of the decisions made when building a home; what flooring you go with, if fencing is needed right away, and where are they going to sleep” says Lisa Adams of Stroud Homes Brisbane East.

The team loves coming up with new ways to make sure pets’ needs are thought of when designing a new home as many clients have pets that really are very important to them.

We chat to Lisa about the different options pet owners have when building their, and their pet’s, dream home.

All for the dog

When it comes to the various options for your pet, it really is limited only by the home owners imagination, Lisa tells us.

“My favourite is the doggy door. This isn’t the standard doggy door cut into the screen door that can be a pain for the owner, but their very own door built into the home. This door is lockable, but being built in, it really does belong.”

Stroud Homes Brisbane East can also build a dog wash station, pet beds of various sizes, and little stairs if required.

“I have dogs and small children and I would love an outdoor dog washing station that has a removable basket drain to catch all the hair, along with storage underneath for the shampoo and the leads,” says Lisa.

And your imagination really is the limit as the team can even build your pet a matching dog house built along your home during the construction. And who wouldn’t want that?

Flooring & wall options

Clients with pets tend to steer clear of carpet, explains Lisa. Most other flooring types will work for most pets, with vinyl and tiles being the most popular options with pet owners. The reason they’re so popular is due to being easy to clean and won’t scratch.

When it comes to the colour choice of your floor when hosting pets, Stroud Homes Brisbane East finds that dark flooring and white flooring tends to show hair more.

Wall colour can play a part in the keeping them looking clean with pets. That’s why Stroud Homes include a Wattyl 3 coat paint system as a Standard Inclusion. This means the walls are easier to keep clean, and last longer.

Safety first!

Safety is important in all our homes, even if you don’t have children or pets. There are safety regulations for anything you may try to design in the home.

For instance, laundry chutes must be at least one metre off the ground, window heights are also careful placed and types of windows changed, especially of double storey homes.

It is also important to make sure your pets have somewhere to run around that is fenced off and safe. Stroud Homes Brisbane East can assist in constructing all this for you along with your new home.

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