Brisbane North’s House & Land Packages

Brisbane North’s House & Land Packages

The Benefits of House & Land Packages

With House and Land packages across the northern side of Brisbane, the team at Stroud Homes Brisbane North are keen to put their clients in the right home on the right parcel of land for them.

Here we discuss the benefits of choosing House and Land Packages and why they are a great option in the market place.

Can you tell me how house and land packages work with Stroud Homes Brisbane North?

House and land packages are a great concept for anyone looking to build a new home. Our house and land packages are not under construction but demonstrate the possibility.

Packages show what can be achieved on a certain size block of land, what house will suit nicely in an estate and what can be achieved within a certain budget.

Aston 153 Coast Façade

What are the benefits of buying a house and land package?

Purchasing a house and land package takes the stress out of searching for the land and house combination to suit your budget. Each package is carefully selected with a future home owner in mind.

Is there anything not included in your Brisbane North house and land packages?

All of our packages include a fully finished home with all of our specified inclusions and the price of the land.

The landscaping (fencing and turf) is not included in the package as our clients often like to complete this themselves, however, if our clients are not keen on this we can include these items in their personalised quote.

As the house is turn key, who do you think house and land packages are appealing to?

House and land packages are particularly good for those who have not gone through the build process before, clients can have peace of mind that the package includes a fully complete home and is within their planned budget.

If you find a block you love but don’t like the house, can you choose another design that will work for you?

Absolutely, we know that every one of our clients is different and every block of land is completely unique. That’s why our Sales Consultants specialise in assisting clients to select the perfect home to suit them and the land they are interested in purchasing.

When building in an estate, how will a Stroud Homes house stand out from others?

There are a few reasons our homes stand out in estates, our 16 week build time means there is rarely any down time on our build and the variety of façade options really stand out too.

Our clients are also able to customise their façade making their home completely unique to their style and different from their neighbours.

Can you tell me a little bit about your house and land packages around Brisbane North?

We advertise house and land packages all over Brisbane North suburbs, that cater to all budgets and lifestyles:

Bronte 240 Skillion Façade

Take a look at all of the House and Land Packages available through Stroud Homes Brisbane North.

Jason Thistlethwait
Jason Thistlethwait