Bryan Canavan Talks About Stroud’s Award-Winning Display Home

Bryan Canavan Talks About Stroud’s Award-Winning Display Home

Stroud Homes was proud to receive a Housing Industry Association award recently for the Wildflower 256 display home.

Bryan Canavan works from the Wildflower 256 display home in Yarrabilba so we had a chat with him about the award, the most popular features of the home, and the people it seems to appeal to.

Reflecting on all the people he has taken through the home Bryan points out that while the main bedroom and children’s retreat are popular, what seems to grab most people’s immediate attention is the layout and its functionality.

“Overall, the way the home flows from front to finish seems to really touch the right nerves for people,” Bryan says.

Another highlight is the stunning alfresco area which opens up from the dining and family rooms.

“It doesn’t have any pillars or barriers, so when the doors are open it feels like the outdoor area is part of the whole home.”

James Stroud recently spoke about the “resort style living” as his inspiration for the design of this home – according to Bryan customers certainly notice that atmosphere when they visit the display, particularly from the master bedroom.

“The master bedroom looks directly out onto the pool and part of the alfresco, so it really does have that feeling of waking up in a resort.”

With this resort style it may seem like a holiday home for special occasions or investors, but the biggest buyers of this design are families, as well as young couples planning for a family in the near future.

It’s not just an estate home either. Though Bryan has sold the Wildflower design for estate housing locally and even as far as Jimboomba and Eagleby, the first build was actually for an acreage property in Karalee.

It seems even with plenty of room to build, the Wildflower’s open design provides ample room for a family.

Bryan is proud to be a part of an award-winning company and is happy the award shows the quality Stroud Homes delivers.

“Particularly with the brand of the award, the HIA being quite credible and recognised in the housing market, people will see a fair bit of credence in that,” Bryan says.

If you’d like to see the award winning display home design you can visit the Yarrabilba site seven days a week, Monday through to Sunday.

While many display homes aren’t available for viewing on weekends, the Stroud Homes team is dedicated to going that extra mile to help everyone get a beautiful home that they can afford.

“Being open seven days is a decision we made a while ago, we’ve stuck with and I think it has worked for us.”