12 Tips for Choosing a Builder

12 Tips for Choosing a Builder

Bryan Canavan from Stroud Homes Brisbane South
takes you through a 12 point checklist for choosing a builder

Choosing a Builder

Bryan’s 12 point checklist for choosing your builder:

  • What are the Standard Inclusions?

  • How is their Customer Service?

  • How is their Build Quality?

  • Do they offer a Free Site Evaluation?

  • What’s the Build Time?

  • Can I Change the Plan?

  • What Guarantees are Offered?

  • Are Client Testimonials Available?

  • Are Quality Brands Used?

  • Is the Builder Licenced?

  • Is the builder a member of Building Associations?

  • Is the builder Environmentally Responsive?


1. What are the Standard Inclusions?

What are the standard inclusions for the quoted price Many builders quote a low price but do not include site works, soil type allowance and very basic inclusions? Look for value and compare apples with apples.

Learn more about our inclusions

2. How is their Customer Service?

You will be working with your builder for what could be up to 6 months. You want to make sure you can deal effectively with the builder during this time. Long after the price has been forgotten, customer service will remain as an important factor in the success of the build.

3. How is their Build Quality?

Be sure to check the builder’s display home for quality of finish. Also, be sure to check out their build sites to see if they are clean and organised. Stroud Homes consistently rates in the top 5% of build quality as assessed by handovers.com.


4. Do they offer a Free Site Evaluation?

Will the builder provide a free sitre evaluation before you have bought the block or signed a contract with the builder? The information in this free evaluation can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of running around comparing blocks.

Free Site Evaluations

5. What’s the Build Time?

How long will the construction take? Do you get a completion date in writing and is this date guaranteed? Stroud Homes offers a guaranteed build time and if do not meet our date, Stroud Homes will pay your rent to give you added assurance.

6. Can I Change the Plan?

Is the builder flexible in allowing changes to the plan and the inclusions? Is there a charge to do this or a time delay involved? At Stroud Homes, we allow you to make changes to the plan and inclusions and will work with you to put together the best plan possible.

Did You Know…. You Can Customise Our Standard Plans!


7. What Guarantees are Offered?

Does your builder offer comprehensive building guarantees? Can they guarantee such things as when they will start the build, the overall build time, provide a maintenance inspection, quality of customer service, structural integrity and termite protection all at no extra cost? Stroud Homes offers detailed building guarantees so you can rest easy.

Confidence Built In

8. Are Client Testimonials Available?

Check out the reviews of any potential builders. If people have taken the time to favourablt review the builder it is a good indication of great customer service. Take a look at productreviews.com – our reviews are consistently about 4.5 stars.

Stroud Homes Brisbane South Reviews

9. Are Quality Brands Used?

Ask to see the brand names of the inclusions – they should be clear to see. If not there’s a chance that low quality ‘no-name’ brands are in use. Always go with known brands – at least 80% of the brands used should be familiar. Quality brands pay for themselves with longer working life, better warranties and local service centres.


10. Is the Builder Licenced?

It seems obvious but you should check that your builder is licenced and that there are no outstanding complaints or issues. You can look this information up the relevant building authority’s website.

11. Is the builder a member of Building Associations?

Is the builder a member of a recognised building association such as the Master Builders Association or the Housing Industry Association. Membership of these organisation gives you confidence that your builder has met certain standards to become a member. Stroud Homes is a member of both these organisations and have won many awards for thier quality.


12. Is the builder Environmentally Responsive?

Does the builder make every effort to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Do they offer solar options for power and water heating? Do they offer 6 star energy rating as a standard inclusion? Do they make every effort to reduce emissions as part of the way they build? At Stroud Homes we have our ForestLink iinitiative which helps plant trees in your local area.

ForestLink Reforestation

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