How we achieve
Top 5% build quality

How we achieve
Top 5% build quality

A winning combination of expert supervision
and professional trades

Our customers consistently put build quality at the top of their priorities when building a new home. It’s good to know then that Stroud Homes Brisbane South delivers homes that rank in the top 5% of build quality*

*As assessed by independent handover consultants

Internal Build Quality Features

Just some of our Build Quality features – ALL are standard inclusions, No extra cost

Stroud Homes Brisbane South Flagstone Dispplay Home -2--25

  • Wattyl ID paint is used, featuring wipe and wash walls
  • Gloss paint to architraves and skirting boards
  • Choice of feature wall – any colour, any room


  • Your choice of layout: brick bond, 1/3 setback or standard, vertical or horizontal


  • Ceiling batts, R2.5 rating
  • Roof has 55mm anti-condensation with foil blanket under
  • External walls have wall wrap

Lighting and Electrical

  • LED downlights throughout
  • Opportunity to supply your own feature lights, Stroud Homes will install
  • You’re invited to double the placement of power points and lights on site at frame stage

Floor Coverings

  • Choose from 5 carpet styles with 10mm foam underlay
  • More than 60 carpet colours in total
  • 36 colours of easy maintenance vinyl sheeting available
  • Slab is hand prepared prior to vinyl or sheeting being installed

Termite Protection

  • All Stroud Homes use the Termiglass perimeter system
  • Uses non-toxic crushed glass to keep termites out
  • No chemical barriers are used
  • All pipes in the slab are sealed, no termite access


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External Build Quality Features

Just some of our Build Quality features – ALL are standard inclusions, No extra cost


  • Your choice of 43 PGH Bricks, single or double height


  • Single structural concrete pour – Porch, Alfresco, Air Con. and Gas Bottle slabs all poured with main slab
  • Prevents joint cracking, no ants, no weeds, no termite access
  • Our Supervisor is on site to supervise the whole slab pour
  • Minimum M class structural slab

Site Cut

  • Cut is laser levelled
  • The site cut is extended to 3m from the slab
  • Yard gullies are installed to channel water away from the slab

Framing and Wind Resistance

  • Extra noggins are included to hang dryers, TV’s etc
  • Construction is a minimum of N3 rating
  • Cyclone straps and ties are hand nailed

Site Cleans

  • 5 x site cleans are completed during construction
  • Keeps the construction site clean, safe and tidy, no unhappy neighbours


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Bryan Canavan

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Our Guarantee

At Stroud Homes, we understand how important build time is to you. We’re not a laid back building company; we know you’re paying interest, we know you’re paying rent, and we know you need your new home built on time.

That is why Stroud Homes offers a variety of guarantees, with our most important being completing your build in a dedicated timeframe.

We understand what is important to you and your family, that is why all our guarantees will ensure to keep you happy, within your budget, and to your timeframe.

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