A Better Building Experience

A Better Building Experience

Building with Stroud Homes Northern Rivers

There’s more to building a great new home than just price. When you choose to build with Stroud Homes Northern Rivers, you are also getting top notch customer service, tangible build times and a beautiful home come handover that has been independently inspected and a structural guarantee.

Nicky Lowson talk to us about what building your new home looks like with Stroud Homes Northern Rivers.

When building a home price is very important, but there’s more to building a home than that. Can you tell me about other factors you believe are important?

One of our recent signs we had made for our office says it well:

The bitterness of poor quality remians long after the sweetness of

Know exactly what you are really getting as it is one of the largest and most important investments you can make in your life!

We give complete upfront pricing, no hiding it until the last minute or trapping people until it is too late to reconsider.

What kind of customer service do you aim to give your clients?

Informative, friendly and consistent communication through-out the whole process.

Stroud Home clients

What communication systems do you have in place to ensure your clients are kept in the loop?

As a team we discuss our customers weekly during the sales to handover process. We address any queries, issues, discuss solutions and ensure a timely reply to any customer concern.

Our customers are contacted every Friday to get an update on their Contract, Council or House under Contruction via phone calls, email and or Voxer.

Voxer is an app that our customers love. It’s like walky talky. Our site supervisor, admin staff and even trades can be added to the personal channel so things can be discussed to everyone involved. It saves making the same phone call ten times and our customers and us find it very effective.

We also have the iDetect Cameras on our build sites the customer can login in on their computer or phone 24/7. This shows that we are transparent with exactly what is happening at all stages and it’s especially handy for interstate or overseas customers.

Of course we offer the site tours as well. We organise these at a safe and convenient time and we can schedule more in too as we understand families are eager to look at their dream home coming to life in the flesh.

Stroud Homes store front

You often hear about build times blowing out with other builders, can you tell me about how you guarantee build times?

Slab pourOur contract times are stipulated in the contract and a clause that we guarantee this time is part of how we give people peace of mind. It states that we even pay you for every day over the Contract Build time we go.

We never delay site starts due to convenience – unlike other builders we will never delay starts due to having other houses to build in the area.  That is why we also guarantee that we will be onsite starting the build process seven days after all approvals.

Why do you think your clients appreciate a tangible build time?

If not put into the contract, the builder is under no real obligation to build your home in a timely manner. Our customers need that expected finish date to often budget for temporary rental situation and other costs.

Moving the family is a big thing and timing it all would be very stressful if you didn’t know when your new home would really be ready.

Tell me about your Top 5% Quality Guarantee.

Before handover for total peace of mind our we organise an Independent Inspector to go through the homes and these reports show we are always in the top 5% for finished quality.

Aside from this professional report, we think our customers like to hear about other families we have built for first hand: Stroud Homes Northern Rivers Reviews

On Product Review we are one of the top two builders nationally for happy customers! This shows that our customers have thoroughly enjoyed the Stroud Homes build journey and love their finished home.

Can you also explain the Structural Guarantee you have on your homes?

Choosing a Stroud Home means you will receive the benefit of warranties from Australia’s top manufacturers. We only use the best, so you get the best. These warranties include a 25 year warranty on Timber frames.

What do your clients most enjoy about the building experience with Stroud Homes?

Our great communication and support from the beginning to end. We help our customers with all aspects to make it as stress free as possible during what is a really big event in people’s lives.

Building a dream family home should be a positive exciting experience and making that happen is truly satisfying for all involved.

Stroud Homes office

Want to learn more? Give the team a call on 1300 699 392 or keep up to date via their Facebook page.

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