Building A Competitive Display Home

Building A Competitive Display Home

Stroud Homes Port Macquarie is getting ready to start building a new display home in Sovereign Hills’ new Stirling Green estate.

While there are 16 builders in the village, many of the other builders have already started building their display homes, with half of them finished before the launch last week.

We spoke to Joel about the Stroud display home, the fellow builders in the area, and a little bit of friendly competition between them.

“Myself and one other builder are late inclusions in the village and haven’t started construction yet, but we’re both planning to have those homes operational by around spring time,” Joel says.


Since both Joel and the other builder are late inclusions brought in at the same time, there’s a bit of a race to see who gets their display home built first.

“Particularly because they were my former employer as well, ha ha.

“It’s great because I’m still really good friends with them, they’re a great company and there was no ill feeling when I left, no animosity at all.

“We still see each other and get along so it’s kind of cool now they’re going to be our neighbours in the display village.”

Wildflower 256 Skillion Façade

The display home will be built in a Wildflower 256 home design with the Skillion facade, which has proven to be rather popular amongst local home buyers.

“The skillions are very popular in Port – no doubt about it – they’ve just got that slightly modern, edgy look to them in comparison to a standard, brick veneer home.”

This will help set the Stroud display home apart from the rest since there aren’t too many homes in the area with such a modern look.

“The developers out there are happy to see us to the skillion as well – on our side of the street there’s only one skillion, so by us doing a skillion as well it makes the street scape look good, breaks the roof lines up a bit.”

The Wildflower 256 is also a Stroud favourite, and an award winning design for its comfortable size, style and affordability.

There’s almost a resort feel to the four bedroom home, with the master bedroom and alfresco areas overlooking the pool and gardens, an open plan design to the living areas, home theatre room, and a range of façade options to choose from.

When the display home is built, visitors will be able to see the high quality inclusions that come standard in all Stroud Homes.

For now, you can see these features and fittings, as well as our home designs at the Port Macquarie display centre.

Drop in for a chat or call Joel on 02 6516 2233 to discuss your dream home.