Building A Dream Across Two Generations

Building A Dream Across Two Generations

David Kirby and James Stroud in Melbourne NorthYou’ll often find people in the building industry who come from a family of carpenters.

We spoke to David Kirby from Stroud Homes Melbourne North, our newest building franchise, about how he got started in the building industry.

“My father was a butcher as he had to leave school at 13 to help in the family shop, however he always wanted to be a carpenter,” David says.

“When I was very young we spent a lot of time together in the garage building out of timber, things like outdoor table and chairs, building around the house; sheds, garage pergola etc.”

He would often speak about his dream of building homes together with David one day.

Like most young people, David got distracted with cars and other things for a number of years before chance brought him back to the building industry.

“I fell into a temporary job helping a friend in his building company for a week or two, this lead to months, then years.

“I found my love for building again in this, so I commenced training and pursued my registration.”

Once he became a registered builder, David branched out on his own, building granny flats and any building work he could complete himself or with his group of contractors, most of whom still work for him today.

“Over the years I’ve done all aspects of work in the building game; insurance work, repairs, extensions, renovations, decks, pergolas and new custom homes.

“Unfortunately, when my father retired he was not in shape to work with me, but he was always very interested in my work.”

With 15 years of building experience behind him, David joined the Stroud team because the idea of being able to build good quality homes at honest prices with no surprises meant he could feel comfortable selling homes to people in all walks of life.

“I don’t feel comfortable as a salesman, so this feeling of comfort with our product and pricing sits well with me.”

If you’re looking to build in the Melbourne North area, talk to a builder you can trust about home designs, available land, and Stroud Home’s long list of standard quality inclusions.

Give David a call today on 0403 223 335 to find out how you can build your dream home.