Building Acreage Homes in Cardinia

Building Acreage Homes in Cardinia

Acreage Land Availability in Cardinia

The Cardinia area, located south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District, is continuously growing each day with a steady increase in population and households.

Stroud Homes Cardinia builder Andrew Barraclough says the regions popularity and farmland availability, with a lot of acre or hectare size blocks of land, has sparked an increasing number of enquiries regarding Stroud’s acreage home designs.

“As a lot of the area is farmland we have a vast opportunity to build our acreage homes,” says Andrew.

We sit down to have a chat with Andrew and the team about building your dream acreage home with Stroud Homes Cardinia.

Who is the typical client building an acreage home?

The typical client is usually someone who is looking for a more spacious home without having the need to upgrade to a double storey.

They like the design on the wide floor plan which separates the living and entertainment areas from the sleeping areas.

The Hudson 378 Floor Plan featuring separated living and sleeping areas

What are, in your experience, the main questions you should ask yourself before choosing to build on acreage land?

The main questions are:

  • Does my block have to be a certain size in order to build an acreage home?
  • Are there any requirements that are needed in my area (bushfire management, septic system, etc.)?
  • What do I need to look for when purchasing an acreage block of land?

What are the typical challenges with these types of projects for you as a builder?

One of the challenges we are going to face is building a Hudson design with a Granny Flat attached near a lake in the area. The most challenging part of this project is going to be building the alfresco area three metres over the lake the house is next to.

Hudson 278 Portico Façade

The Hudson 278 Portico Façade

What stand-out features does the Stroud Homes acreage home design range offer?

One of our stand-out features would be our diverse range of façades. Each acreage home design has multiple exterior options which you can choose from to suit your style. We believe that every person is different, therefor their tastes would also be different.

At Stroud Homes, we want everyone to feel like they can find the right forever home, and our façades are the perfect example of this. Take a look at the six beautiful façades of the Kentucky 260 acreage design:

How many designs are there to choose from, and do you have a personal favorite?

Stroud Homes has a wide variety of Acreage Home Designs and façades. We have twenty-eight designs, and each have their own unique characteristics to suit our clients’ needs. Take a look at some of our acreage home designs below.

My personal favorite would be the Kentucky 304 with the Alpine façade. Not only does it look appealing to the eye, the interior  also provides enough space for the entire family.

Kentuckly 304 Alpine Façade

All the entertainment and living rooms are in the centre of the house, and the bedrooms are on opposite ends of the house. This makes for a great way of living if you like you space but still want to spend time with the family.

Kentucky 304 Floor Plan

How are issues like water supply and sewage connection usually handled with large acreage homes? Are there any designs with water storage tanks and/or household sewage treatment plants?

Just like every aspect of our builds, when it comes to water and sewage, we tailor this to suit your home, land and requirements. All our acreage homes are designed to facilitate water tanks and household sewage.

These videos refer to Queensland, regulations in Victoria may differ, please ask us.

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