Building Acreage Homes in Tamworth

Building Acreage Homes in Tamworth

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Peter Verrier Built to suit larger blocks and growing families, acreage home designs are a versatile and affordable option for families looking for more room to grow in a natural setting.

As a local builder, and with the region holding a lot of rural land available in its surrounds, Stroud Homes Tamworth has a great deal of experience building homes on acreage land.

According to Stroud Homes Tamworth builder Peter Verrier, it is on these larger lots where Stroud Homes acreage home designs are right at home, even though smaller lots in estates still caters for an acreage style home design.

What are, in your experience, the main questions you should ask yourself before choosing to build on acreage land?

The following questions can have significant costs which is why it is better to be aware from the beginning so that these things can be factored into your budget:

  • Is the land clear for the house to be built, does any clearing need to occur or is there an existing home that needs to be knocked down?
  • Will the soil type be higher than usual or extreme? This impacts on how the home will be built and the foundations required.
  • Does the land have services such as water, sewer and power connected?
  • Will there be bushland around the block that is likely to impact on the likelihood of a bushfire damaging the home?

Take a look at our Building Basics videos below to find out more.
(Note: These videos apply to QLD. Regulations in NSW may differ, please ask us).

What are the pros and cons of building an acreage home?

The pros to building on acreage land include the size of the land. There is so much room that really you can have any home design you choose. It also means there’s plenty of room for sheds, extra water tanks, a pool, large yard for the kids or animals.

Acreage living also generally means you are away from the hustle and bustle of town, which can be quieter and sometimes the land can be more affordable.

However, the other side to being away from town can mean extra costs for service connections such as water, power or sewer. Another extra cost might be having to clear the land to start the build.

What are the typical challenges with these types of projects for you as a builder?

There can be challenges with any block of land and there is always something different about every block we work on.

Generally with an acreage, accessing the land can be tricky, and with little infrastructure it can be a challenge.

We are local to the area so we understand the enticement of living on acreage, and we have found over the years different and creative ways to overcome access challenges.

Acreage building side in Tamworth

What stand-out features does the Stroud Homes acreage home design range offer?

The Stroud Homes plans have all been very carefully designed to bring the outdoors in, and they all have flowing family areas that maximise the use of the morning sun within the home.

The designs also feature wide frontages to really make use of the larger blocks.

Montego 393 Classic Design Floor Plan

The Montego 393 Classic Floor Plan

How many designs are there to choose from?

Stroud Homes have 28 designs that are specifically for acreage land. There are then also different facades for each design. Take a look at some of our acreage home designs below.

These designs are award winning so they are great just as they are, however if there are any changes that need to be made or our clients want to add their own touches we can also accommodate them.

Kentucky 348 Acreage Home Design

The award-winning Kentucky 348 Modified Classic Façade

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Peter Verrier
Peter Verrier

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