Building Better In Brisbane East

Building Better In Brisbane East

are a local, family owned business and they have a firm belief that when you build with them, you aren’t just a number on their books.

Lisa Adams believes that when you choose a builder for your new house you should, “Make sure it’s the right someone,” as the building process is a long one.

The team at Stroud Homes Brisbane East offer black and white quoting and will help you achieve your overall goals.

Why should people build a home in Brisbane East?

The water! Where else can you build and be so close to the water and the beach and so close to the city. It’s the perfect balance. The land prices aren’t unreasonable either. It’s a lovely place to live for all ages.

What do you think is essential for creating a home in 2018?

Open plan living, air conditioning quality and affordability are by far what’s most important, and what is sought after the most.

Wildflower 256 Floor Plan
Open plan living – Wildflower 256 Floor Plan

What is the number one question people should ask their builder?

Black and White QuotesWhat costs could we potentially be looking at during the build. Finding out what is not included in their quotes.

Unfortunately, way too many clients end up with a surprise bill during the building process and most people have already spent what they can afford.

That’s why at Stroud Homes Brisbane East, we have ‘black and white’ quotes.

What is the number one question people should ask themselves before deciding to build?

Can I trust my builder? It’s important to have a builder you can trust and really work with. The building process can take six months or longer from first meeting until handover, and then there is another twelve months on top of that, that you still communicate with each other. That’s a long time to work alongside someone. Make sure it’s the right someone.

What is the number one question people should ask themselves before choosing a home design?

What is my overall goal? The must haves and the would love to if we can afford it. Sticking to a budget can be hard. Have a list in mind of what the house must have and start there.

If you’d like to talk to the friendly bunch at Stroud Homes Brisbane East, give them a call on 07 3416 4839.

Avoca 227 Coast Façade
Avoca 227 Coast Façade