Building By The NBN Rollout

Building By The NBN Rollout

It’s the modern world and having fast internet in your home has never been more important.

We’re not just using the internet recreationally anymore; we’re sending and receiving important emails, checking weather and news apps, logging on to get work done from home, managing a home business, kids are doing home work and we’re even streaming our favourite TV shows.

Your internet connectivity can also affect rentability and resale value for investment properties.

Thomas Eldridge from Stroud Homes Brisbane South has noticed that many people building new homes are looking for land where the NBN is likely to be rolled out.

“I believe this has quite a large impact on where families decide to settle down,” he says.

It’s important to make sure you check what the roll out plans are in the area you’re shopping, as there can be some nasty surprises in store when you think you’re likely to get the connection.

“The most frustrating part is when a new estate has a new release at the back of an estate and they run NBN right past the existing homes without giving them the option of connecting to the infrastructure.”

If you’re looking at buying land in Brisbane South, or even one of our house and land packages, you can find out when to expect the NBN by checking your address at

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