Building Custom Homes

Building Custom Homes

Customising Your Home

Stroud-Homes-Northern-Rivers-Builder-Matt-LowsonWhen looking for a new home, you might be in two minds about whether you should buy an already existing house or building a completely new one.

One of the benefits of a new build, especially when building with Stroud Homes, is that you are free to customise it into the home you’ve always wanted, on the land you have already picked out.

Sloping Blocks

Stroud Homes Northern Rivers builder Matt Lowson has a lot of experience in building custom homes as a lot of land in the area is on sloping blocks where other builders are only willing to build their own designs.

“When it comes to sloped lots, not one design will fit all,” says Matt.

“You may have a slope from the front of your block upwards, downwards, sideways or both at once, so understanding design concepts, constraints of local councils with cut and fill rules, and driveway gradients… it requires time and real knowledge.”

And this is why building with Stroud Homes Northern Rivers is a great option if you find yourselves on a bit of tricky ground. The sales team, the builder and draftsman are all experienced in coming up with the best solution for your land, including plans and costings.

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Free Site Evaluation

This is also why Stroud Homes Northern Rivers offer FREE Site Evaluations to people who have not even committed to buying a block yet.

A site evaluation gives you the key information on which to compare one block against another. A free site evaluation can save thousands in site costs by providing important information about contours, possible bushfire risks, noise issue and soil type.

Matt and the team know that the overall budget is important for the customers to know upfront, and as difficult lots are generally cheaper but with building costs generally greater than on a basic flat lot of land, they understand the need for a site valuation prior to a client’s final decision.

Free site inspection

Cost & Build time

When building a custom home, costs and build times can sometimes be a bit unpredictable. So, at Stroud Homes Northern Rivers the team does all of the costing before contract, just as in any other build.

“It is a regular HIA fixed contract” explains Matt. “It often just takes more time to get from Preliminary to contract stage as more homework is required.”

And the build times need to be calculated based on the complexity of the land and the future build.

According to Matt, on average a custom build can increase build times anywhere from an extra 4-8 weeks, compared to a design the Stroud Homes team have built many times.



If you have chosen an already existing Stroud Homes design, but want to tweak it to better suit it to your liking, Matt says the team is happy to make smaller changes.

“We are happy to take the time to get all of the little things right that will make your home what you want and how you want it.”

Matt is also happy to tell us about one of his favourite custom builds, a recent 2 storey home in Lennox, which was based on a Stroud Design but customised to better suit the client and the client’s needs.

The team also have a stunning beachfront custom design build at Kingscliff recently started, which is likely to finish mid year.

But of course, Matt adds, the Stroud Homes Northern Rivers’ Custom Award winner from last year is still a favourite of his.award winning home


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