Building For A Busy Year

Building For A Busy Year

The team at Stroud Homes Port Macquarie have already hit their target for their first year so it’s all growth from here.

“My goal for this year was to sell 12 houses and we’ve already done that, so now our focus is our contracts, getting slabs on the ground, and getting those processes a bit more streamlined,” builder Joel Freeman says.

The first slab for Stroud Port Macquarie is due to hit the ground in 4 weeks and is actually a custom design that was brought to Joel.

“It’s 280 square metres, so a reasonable sized house, and it’s in a really great location in a premier land release; Seawide Estate, down at Lake Cathie, and literally about a hundred metres from the beach.”

While Stroud Homes has a great selection of home designs for you to choose from, Joel’s still willing and able to quote for people who have their own designs.

“Generally if someone brings me a custom design I’ll look at the size of it, find a Stroud design that’s a similar size, and use that as my starting point for the bill of quantities in the estimating process.

“It definitely takes longer because I’ve been through all the Stroud designs and I’ve got all the bill of quantities worked out, whereas when someone brings me a custom I really have to pull it apart brick by brick to quote and estimate it accurately.”

This process may be longer than dealing with an existing home design, but the feedback from the client so far has been that Stroud have handled it all much quicker than other building companies they’ve been to.

“They actually got to talk to me, the builder, whereas at the other offices they had to talk to a sales person, who had to talk to an estimator, who then talks to a builder…

“They just kind of enjoyed the process at Stroud where they got to actually meet me and see who’s going to be in charge.”

Joel’s found that this is something most new home buyers enjoy when talking to Stroud Homes, as talking directly to the builder makes the whole process more real to them.

As well as building homes, Joel’s family is also continuing to grow this year with his second child due in less than 5 weeks.

It will be a hectic year for him, but you’ll still be able to talk home designs at the Port Macquarie display centre, or simply call on 02 6216 2233 to arrange an appointment.