Building Granny Flats on the Sunshine Coast

A Granny Flat Resurgence

The concept of adding on a granny flat when building a new home has really seen a resurgence in interest over the past decade or so.

And there’s little wonder why. There’s a long list of reasons why building a granny flat can be the right decision – for families, the retired, the creative or the home business owner.

Also, if not to move in with family, building a granny flat as an investment is a sound and popular choice because it provides an extra income with a very small initial outlay.

We find out what your dual living options are when building with Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast.

Wildflower 256 plus Granny Flat Alpine Façade

The Wildflower 256 plus attached Granny Flat

Granny Flat Home Design Options

Most granny flats accommodate at least two people. They usually have their own or shared garage, private kitchen, en-suite, lounge and alfresco, which can be private or shared.

Most of them are smaller self-contained units, which work perfectly for an elderly couple, older children or single dweller. At Stroud Homes you can choose between attached granny flats or stand alone granny flats.

The Mini-Tego 78 stand alone granny flat

Attached Granny Flats

You can request to have a one bedroom or two-bedroom granny flat added-on to your new house. These add-ons can be fitted to most of the Stroud Home Designs.

Kentucky 304 & Granny Flat Floor Plan

The four bedroom Kentucky 304 with a two bedroom attached granny flat

Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast has a some wonderful designs of attached granny flats which range from four to six bedrooms in total:

Stand Alone Granny Flats

If you are opting for a more private option when considering dual living, Stroud Homes also offers a wide range of granny flat options not attached to the main dwelling.

The granny flat can be configured to permit ready access between the main house and the granny flat or oriented to maintain the privacy of the occupants.

Choose from our extensive range of detached granny flats styles:

Council Approval

A granny flat’s feasibility when building your new home will depend on the council planning requirements in your area.

Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast offers a wide range of home designs, from acreage homes to duplexes, which can be built with granny flats and other features that could also increase property values.

Note: Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast can do add-ons only with the new constructions and can’t add to existing dwellings.

For more information, make an appointment with the Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast team today or visit our Display Centre on the corner of Sugar Road & Centenary Crescent, Maroochydore:

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