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ForestLink – A reforestation initiative from Stroud Homes

When you build with Stroud Homes you could also be contributing to important reforestation projects planned for your area.

For every house we build Stroud Homes will contribute 15 trees to a local reforestation project. We do this by partnering with forestry professionals to identify environmentally relevant projects and then fund planting of native forests.

What projects is ForestLink involved in?

We work with forestry experts to identify suitable projects to become involved in. For example, in South East Queensland there is an effort to regenerate Brigalow forest in areas where Brigalow was once common.An example of a ForestLink project involves Stroud Homes partnering with Trees Land Carbon to deliver new plantings of Brigalow forest in the Scenic Rim region in South East Queensland.

We plant 15 trees for every house we build

ForestLink is funded directly from Stroud Homes contributions. For every house we build we plant 15 trees as well as contributing to the preparation of the planting site.

A ForestLink Project – On the ground at Jimboomba Woods

  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-8
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-2
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-3
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-1
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-10
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-4
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-5
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-6
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-12
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-11
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-7
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-9
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-13
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-growth3
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-growth2
  • Stroud-Homes-Tree-Planting-Jimboomba-Woods-growth



More than just planting trees

The ForestLink  reforestation projects that we undertake involve more than just planting trees. ForestLink contributions are also used to

  • Control exotic weeds pre-plant
  • Control grass and weeds around newly planted trees and shrubs
  • Application of soil wetting agents

Please note that the ForestLink program does not plant trees on Stroud Homes customer’s land. Plantings take place on larger scale reforestation projects.

Like to know more?

If you:

  • Want to know more about ForestLink
  • Are a forestry professional who wants to get involved, or
  • if you are a property owner who’d like to host a reforestation project

…then we’d love to hear from you!

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