Building Homes and the Natural Environment

Building Homes and the Natural Environment

Whether you have Solar panels or not we all use energy in our homes that provide lighting, cooling, heating and the operation of household appliances, allowing us to live in a comfortable manner.

The average household energy use being responsible for over seven tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year. These emissions and energy can be significantly reduced just by a few energy conservation measures at home.

Maximising passive solar design features

Stroud Homes design and build homes for the Queensland climate with particular features that if understood and operated as intended could help to reduce the need to artificiality cool and heat the home in summer and winter, whilst still retaining a comfortable home.

To ensure you maximise the passive solar design features included in your home consider how to:

  • Externally shade windows and glazed doors to prevent them from receiving the full exposure of the summer sun.
  • Open doors and windows located in the house to provide cross ventilation for cooling breezes.
  • Close internal doors to target heating and cooling to areas of the house that are occupied.
  • Check the seasonal setting of any ceiling fans so they are operating in winter or summer mode as required.
  • Allow windows to receive winter warmth through removing any temporary shading devices.
  • Draw curtains or blinds to retain heated air in the room in winter and reduce entry of sun in summer.
  • Close doors and windows early on hot days to reduce entry of heated air.
  • Open windows and doors at night following a hot day to purge heated air.
  • Add window and door tinting to reduce the sun getting into your home in the first place.

We will discuss the correct orientation of your new home to maximise your homes efficient use of our natural resources.