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Multi-generational living

As housing costs continue to increase in Australia, the demand for multi-generational living arrangements has also increased.

People are choosing the multi-generation housing option for a variety of reasons, including investment purposes, to house grown children and/or an aged relative.

The reasons are as many as the possibilities. For people considering moving family in to their new home, Stroud Homes offers a range of home designs to ensure privacy is still reached between all parties.

We explore the different options of building homes with attached or detached granny flats with Stroud Homes Sydney South West.

Available layouts

Stroud Homes has a range of dual occupancy designs available to suit their clients, and if there is not one to suit then the team is happy to customise the design to the client’s liking.

Stroud’s contemporary dual-occupancy designs range over the entire spectrum – from budget friendly options to spare-no-expense waterfront luxury.

Most granny flat options are designed for a single person household or for a couple. The key rooms are one or two beds, kitchen, bathroom, dining and living room, and in some cases includes a small alfresco.

Because of its popularity, most of Stroud Homes floor plans also have the granny flat attachment option available, however, this will depend on the restrictions on the land and requirements from council.

The team at Stroud Homes Sydney South West works closely with council and clients when it comes to getting building approval and urges clients to have a chat with the new homes consultant to ensure everything is being done correctly.

A selection of our Dual Occupancy Designs

Attached or stand-alone?

When deciding to add a granny flat to your home build you will have to consider whether you’ll prefer the attached or stand-alone option.

Attached granny flats are cost effective to add to a new build, as the costs are absorbed as one project which means you will end up with two dwellings but for a smaller price tag.

Detached granny flats are a great option if privacy is important for the occupants. It’s also a popular way nowadays to earn an extra income by renting out via Airbnb or similar.

Attached granny flats are more commonly built for an extended family accommodation scenario.

Take a look at Stroud Homes Sydney South West’s Granny Flat page which show how multi-generational living can be added to any one of the standard designs

If you are interested in knowing more about the different options, do not hesitate to contact the capable team at Stroud Homes.

A selection of our Attached Granny Flats

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