Building in a recession:
What to think about

Building in a recession:
What to think about


To build or not to build … ?

In times of uncertainty, many people are wondering if building in a recession is a good idea.

While the answers to the question is yes, and a strong yes that is, there are still added risks that you should definitely be aware of.

These risks can however be easily mitigated by asking the right questions.

We chat to Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast builder Daniel Chapman, who walks us through the advantages and risks of building your new home in times of recession.


The benefits

The benefits of building in a recession is that generally there is less building work going on. As such, you’ll find that trades are generally more worried about retaining work so two things occur:

  1. Firstly, the trades who were doing poor work and only getting work because there was no other alternative, end up leaving the industry. This is because the reduced total amount of jobs means that there is more trades to pick from thus allowing builders to pick the best trades.
  2. Secondly, the trades  put more effort into completing a quality job. This is because if they get the opportunity to do a job they want to really impress the person they are working for. This will generate more jobs for them later on.

Your builder

The same is true for the builder who is building your home. There are generally two advantages:

  1. Firstly, the builder is going to try a lot harder to ensure that everything runs smoothly so you recommend them to friends and they get more work.
  2. Secondly, because the builder most likely does not have as many jobs as they normally would have under construction, naturally you will see more attention provided to your home.

Is bankruptcy a risk?

The aspect that everyone thinks is an issue during a recession is if the builder was to go bankrupt. Well strictly speaking, according to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) more builders go bust when they are busy rather than when they are slow.

Irrespective of this, if you are worried about the builder’s financial situation you can resolve that fear in one process:

Ask the builder for the contact details of the trades and suppliers that the builder uses and let the builder know that you want to call them to ensure that they have all been paid on time!

If the builder is anything less than proud to provide these details for you to run this check on the builder then you need to find another builder straight away.

If the trades say that the builder is behind by a week or two or anything other then, ‘they pay on time, all the time’, then you should do some more research. Hint: Good builders are very proud at how good they are at paying everyone on time every time.

It is scary how many builders think that it is okay to be a week or two behind on their payments. So, if a builder is a week or two behind on their payments they are already trading insolvent!

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