Building & Interior Design Trends in the Wide Bay Area

Building & Interior Design Trends in the Wide Bay Area


Recent Interior Design Trend Changes

There has been a trend swing in home design and home builds over the past 12 months according to Stroud Homes Fraser Coast Managing Director Aletha Walters – from minimalism in interior design to an emergence of more creative, bold and fun interiors.

“Based on current trend swings, I am predicting we will see an increase in unlikely mixtures of fun colours, patterns and materials with a boho opulent mix which will highlight bold individual pieces and artwork,” says Aletha.

She also says wallpaper and bold frames are coming back into the forefront and believes people always want what others don’t have, hence the jump from minimalism to prints in such spectacular fashion.

“People want to be individual and express themselves in the one way they know best; from their home which is an expression of who we are as people.

We learn more about recent and upcoming home design trends in the Wide Bay area.

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Building Materials & Sustainability

I think the current trend of mixing natural products with opulent finishes and greenery will continue. Using natural products such as wood and stone bring the outside in and relax us. Wood brings warmth which balances large open spaces.

A popular topic nowadays is energy efficiency and sustainable homes, which I predict to be an ever increasing trend.

People are currently more aware of their environments and want to protect these at all costs – I think this will be continued into our personal spaces and will encompass all parts of our lives.

Items such as internal gardens for internal air quality, insulation trends to evoke the best quality and limited use of heating and cooling, building products which are recyclable and reused such as Cupolex systems which uses recycled batteries.

These are reusable products and quality of living items that I believe will continue to pick up the pace.

Aston 224 Hamptons Façade

Floor plans, Inclusions and Home Designs

The basic home used to be three bedrooms, an ensuite and double garage. Now, the expectation is four bedrooms, an ensuite with freestanding bath, a media room, butler’s pantry, his/hers walk-in robe, ducted air conditioning. The list is getting longer and longer…

In terms of design styles/looks, inside and façade, Linea types of cladding is back in a big way. To a minimum, people are wanting at least two types of external cladding used on their homes.

Popular façade options are Hamptons and modern country with an urban twist.

In terms of appliances, fittings and surface finishes, I am noticing a move to different finishes in tap ware – a move away from black tap ware and more towards gold and satin type colours and finishes. Cabinetry is moving towards a matt finishing with texture.

New Construction Methods

Construction methods are ever changing and are swaying more in relation to the environment and best work practices, which I see picking up pace in the next 2-3 years. Expectations and client movement is on the rise.

These are the trends I see growing during the next few years and that might be on the horizon in the future.

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