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Building New Homes in Tamworth

Now the Tamworth Display Centre is open, we had a chat with local builder, Peter Verrier, about building homes in the area.

While many cities in Australia have land availability issues, this is certainly not the case in Tamworth.

“We have really high land availability,” Peter says.

“Blocks of land can be found anywhere from $99,000 for a 750m2 block in one estate, in another estate you’ve got 2,000m2 for $156-165,000 – very cheap.”

So, if you’re building in Tamworth you have the option of some of Stroud’s more spacious family homes, and even the luxurious acreage designs.

Miami 270 is a spacious, 4 bed family home.

“Of the homes we have so far, the smallest is 270m2 which is quite a large home.”

Even though there’s plenty of room for large acreage homes, Stroud is renowned for functional home designs in any size, with even the smaller floorplans feeling spacious.

“The acreages are likely to be popular, but even on some of these large blocks I have people interested in a 200m2 home.”

Regardless of size, the main thing Peter is looking forward breaking away from the mundane and building great looking homes.

“At the moment in Tamworth it’s just a regular occurrence for brick houses, sometimes with a bit of cladding maybe.

“Everyone at the grand opening loved the quality finishes and the American influences on our house designs.

“There’s not too many nice stone homes going around at the moment, so we just add a bit of flare there I guess.”

Each of Stroud Homes’ designs come in a range of façade options, so you can personalise your favourite floorplan with the best street appeal.

To find out more about land available in Tamworth, home designs and Stroud’s high quality standard inclusions, drop into the display centre or chat to Peter on 0431 110 516 today.

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