Building on a Sloping Block – A Common Gold Coast Building Scenario

Building on a Sloping Block – A Common Gold Coast Building Scenario

Stroud Homes Gold Coast is working hard to become the leading new home builder on the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on building homes that fit the family, fit the block and fit the budget.

Fitting the Block

Split Level Home Designs interiors (14 of 14)Fitting the block though, is not always easy when it comes to sloping sites. We have been working hard to find solutions to some very challenging sites and can definitely help you to take advantage of the many benefits that a sloping site can bring to your new home.

Our experts can help you find the design that takes advantage of the contours of your building site, maximise your views, gives you fantastic natural light and provides you with a unique family home.

Free Site Evaluations for Sloping Blocks

If you have purchased or are looking to purchase a block that is sloping, you can contact us for a free site inspection, we can evaluate the options for your home and provide you with advice on the best solution.

building-on-sloping-blockFinding a block in your perfect location is not always easy. Your perfect location on the Gold Coast and surrounding hinterland may mean building on a sloping block. Building a suitable home on a sloping block requires a higher level of design consideration to ensure your home is suitable for the land contour.

When choosing a design to suit a sloping block, not only must the design suit your lifestyle and budget, but the slope of the land, aspect, land overlays and site access all need to be taken into consideration. To reduce the amount of excavation and retaining walls required to build your dream home, our experts can work with the unique slope of the block and design a home that works well that that slope.

Three Types of Design Suited to Sloping Blocks

There are 3 main home designs that suit a sloping site.

Basic Stepped Design

A basic stepped design generally consists of two levels and is suitable for sloping sites with a maximum of up to 2 metres fall over the building envelope. The Stroud Homes Miami design is an example of this basic stepped design. Whether it be a step up from the front or a step down towards the back, the split level adds architectural interest to your home.

Multi-Stepped Design

The multi stepped design is similar to the basic stepped design, but can contain two or more steps within the plan. This design is suitable for a site with a 2-2.5 meters of fall over the building envelope. Usually suited to a larger home design, the end product is a truly unique home.

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Split Level Design

A split level design consists of 2 separate levels. With a single storey at the front of the home and a double story at the rear – or vice versa. For sites with over 3 meters of fall in the building envelope this is the perfect design option. See our Split-level designs page for more information about this type of home.

See Stroud Homes Gold Coast about Building on your Sloping Block

The team at Stroud Homes Gold Coast has extensive experience with building on sloping blocks in the Gold Coast area. We have built homes on some very challenging blocks in the hinterland areas and have many designs that are easily adapted to these sites.

Contact us today at 07 5519 3800 or 1800 STROUD to speak to one of our experts and arrange a free site inspection.