Building on Acreage
in Melbourne’s North

Building on Acreage
in Melbourne’s North

Building on Acreage with Stroud Homes

Are you one of many who has started to grow tired of the fast pace and stress of life in the inner city? Maybe the idea of packing up your family and move somewhere with plenty of wide open spaces sounds appealing?

If you are one of the many Aussies thinking about a life on an acreage, make sure you take advantage of Stroud Homes many years of experience of building hundreds of homes for families wanting to live on large acreage land.

At Stroud Homes Melbourne North, the well-established trade team is accustomed to building on a bit of a distance.

We chat to Melbourne North’s Sales Consultant about building on acreage land with their Stroud Home division.

How common is it to build your home on acreage land in your area, and who are the typical clients opting for an acreage home design and lifestyle?

Acreage Home designs and construction is very common in this area due to the vast availability of land that boasts wide frontages and panoramic views of the surrounding ranges.

A typical client is somebody looking for a larger style living and family area, and perhaps looking to have a separate master suite from the remaining bedrooms.

Our varied designs offer everything from separate living areas, media room, child’s retreat and even studies. Everything a new dream home could want and so much more!

Montego 287 Classic Floor Plan

The Montego 287 features a study, child’s retreat and media room

What are the main questions you should ask yourself before choosing to build on acreage land?
  • Can an acreage home be built in the area I want to build in?
  • Are all utilities available? How far do the utilities need to be to reach my new home site?
  • What do I need to look for in the initial stages of looking at purchasing a block of land?
  • What requirements are needed in my area? Septic System? Bushfire Management? Planning Permit requirements?

What are typical requests with these types of projects?

Typical requests would be homes that take advantage of views and include large entertaining areas and living space for the whole family.

Childs Retreats are also a common request with the larger floorplan designs.

The Hudson 378 features a large child’s retreat

What stand out features does the Stroud Homes acreage home design range offer?

Standing out as a feature would certainly be our range of standard inclusions which is one of the broadest in the industry, and the façade options to give you unique and personalized look.

Not every family is the same and neither is their personal taste. We accommodate our plans and home styles to give building options for all sorts of styles and personalised taste.

How many designs are there to choose from, and do you have a personal favorite?

Stroud Homes offers 26 acreage homes ranging in size from 160 m2 – 450 m2! Each design also features its own unique look and façade options – another reason to choose us as your trusted local builder! We are from the area, know the land and can assist in making your home construction goals a reality.

My favourite design would certainly be the Kentucky 348. This stunning home comes in six façade options and either a 4, 5 or 6 bedroom home design option!

The Kentucky options are really endless, and with the possibility of upgrading to a built-in stone fireplace, we can all certainly imagine a cozy family atmosphere during the winter months.

How are issues like water supply a sewage connection usually handled with large acreage homes? Are there any designs with water storage tanks and/or household sewage treatment plants?

When it comes to utility supply, all land is different and have different requirements. Standard connection is included in all builds, and as we tailor-make a new home package to suit your needs and the requirements of the land, we will add tanks and septic/treatment plants as required.

We assist in making sure your new home has everything it needs to take away any stress in the planning and building process.


If you’re looking to build your dream acreage home in 2019, give David a call on 0403 589 929 today to talk about your options.

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