Building on Acreage in Sydney’s South West

Building on Acreage in Sydney’s South West

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Acreage is trending in Sydney South West

“It has not been very common to build acreage designs in our area previously, however, this year has taken a turn for the better and we have about five acreage designs in line, says Stroud Homes Sydney South West New Homes Sales Consultant, Yousef Asic.

And the reasons for moving away from the city’s hustle and bustle to live on acreage are as many as they are diverse.

“The typical clients opting for an acreage design are people aged over 50 or second home buyers looking for lifestyle change and/or the typical suburban home,” adds Yousef.

We talk more to Yousef about the new trend among his clients.

What are, in your experience, the main questions you should ask yourself before choosing to build on acreage land?

The main thing I always tell my clients when looking at building an acreage home is: what is important to them, their families and the lifestyle.

All our acreage home designs offer a sense of grandness and luxury with separate zones for the bedrooms, and with the living areas being a central focus point for when the family get together.

The outdoor living spaces also give the designs an indoor and outdoor flow.

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What are the typical challenges with these types of projects for you as a builder? What are the pros and cons of these types of builds?

Nothing is too hard for Stroud Homes Sydney South West from a building perspective!

Building an acreage design is generally no different than building a normal suburban home.

However with an acreage design you are building on a larger block and building a larger home, so the build time will take a little longer.

As you can appreciate, larger blocks can have some challenges such as bringing services to the home if it’s hard to access.

We try our hardest to ascertain any issues early on in the process to deliver a smooth building process.

What stand out features does the Stroud Homes acreage home design range offer?

When you browse our range of beautiful acreage house plans, you’ll soon notice that this is no ordinary range.

These well thought out acreage plans have been designed to bring the outdoors in.

So, with all our acreage designs I believe our stand out feature is the open feeling you get in the main living space, and the connection you get from the outdoor living area which creates a flow by connecting the two spaces.

Stroud Homes have many acreage designs available, and with each one being nicer than the other. Checkout a selection of our our designs below:

A selection of our Acreage Homes

How are issues like water supply a sewage connection usually handled with large acreage homes? Are there any designs with water storage tanks and/or household sewage treatment plants?

With acreage lots most will require to be connected to a septic treatment if there is no sewer connection.

Most acreage sites will still have town water available depending on the location, the only thing to look out for is the distance that the builder needs to run the pipe to the house.

In the rare case where there is no water, we will construct the home with the use of water tanks.

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