Building on Acreage in Wagga Wagga

Building on Acreage in Wagga Wagga

Acreage living in the Wagga area

With a high demand for acreage land in the Wagga and surrounding area, generally once you start to get out of Wagga the acreage blocks are getting bigger and cheaper in price.

“Often we see families wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living,” says Stroud Homes Wagga Wagga Sales Manager Mariah Foley.

Stroud Homes’ plans cater for a variety of families in looks and layouts, and all plans are designed to bring the outdoors in, meaning you do not have to compromise your natural surroundings for comfort.

We find out more about building on acreage in Wagga Wagga…

Kentucky 348 Mountian Façade

“We have beautifully styled wide-frontage acreage homes in a number of styles to suit any client,” adds Mariah.

What are the pros and cons of choosing to build on acreage land?

The benefits of building on an acreage block would have to be the space.

The sheer size of the lots leaves room for pretty much any design in the Stroud Homes range, and all with plenty of space for any additional optional extras, such as a pool, shed, tennis court, stables, horse arena or children’s play equipment plus so much more.

Another benefit is the serenity of acreage locations, allowing for peace and quiet.

Montego 450 Acreage Design

On the other hand, site clearing of trees and debris can be expensive when building on acreage if the site hasn’t been cleared already.

Before opting for an acreage home, there’s a list of things you’ll need to consider. The main questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What services does the block have, i.e. gas, water, sewer, electricity?
  • What is the scrub and bushland like around the block? Will this put the home in danger if a bushfire came through?
  • Will my block require a culvert/concrete crossover to access my block?
  • What clearing, if any, needs to be done? How much is this likely to cost?
  • What type of zoning does the block have? Councils have strict rules regarding what a block of land can be used for (residential, commercial, industrial).

If you are unsure, at Stroud Homes Wagga Wagga we offer free site evaluations to help answer these questions.

What are the typical challenges with these types of projects for you as a builder?

At Stroud Homes Wagga Wagga, we have built many individual family homes and a large quantity have been acreage homes. We are well equipped with the knowledge and type of challenges acreage blocks can have.

These types of projects carry their own unique challenges, ones that your typical metro builder is likely to be unfamiliar with. Some challenges with previous builds include wet weather and access restrictions.

However, we are local country people so we understand the attraction to living in a rural area and our well established trade team is accustomed to a bit of distance – so if your piece of paradise is a little off the beaten path, you won’t be paying the earth!

If you’re thinking of building an acreage home with Stroud Homes, how many designs are there to choose from, and do you have a personal favorite?

We have numerous of incredible acreage plans suited for acreage blocks and all types of families. With a variety to pick from and the flexibility to change our plans to suit what you are after, you can truly have it all.

It is so hard to pick a favourite as all acreage plans are truly well thought out and a great design, but if I had to pick one it would be the Inverell 280:

Inverell 280 Federation Façade

To me, this plan really ticks all the boxes, it has enough space for the whole family, even with teenagers everyone can have their own area, but also come together in the heart of the kitchen.

Another aspect that I love about the Inverell 280 is the walk through from the garage straight into the butler’s pantry, no more carting lots of groceries from one side of the house to the other:

Inverell 280 Classic Floor Plan

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