Building on Acreage Land in Adelaide Hills

Building on Acreage Land in Adelaide Hills

Acreage Home Designs

Whether it’s large or small acreage, Stroud Homes offer a wide range of home design plans that are well suited for your property.

You will find these perfect for growing families looking to live on acreage, but still with all the quality home features available.

We check in with Stroud Homes Adelaide builder Gary Barlow to find out more about acreage homes and lifestyle in the Hills.

How common is it to build your home on acreage land in Adelaide Hills, and who are the typical clients opting for an acreage home design and lifestyle?

It is very common to build an acreage style home here in Adelaide Hills. We have the small plots within the land releases which will cater for an acreage style home, and then we have an abundance of massive lots where the acreage style home really works.

We build on our clients’ land in the middle of the block, trying to maximise the view, and we will take care of storm water, septic tanks, off grid solar and anything else the client requires in the turn key package.

Montego 287 Classic Floor Plan Flipped

The Montego 287 Acreage Design Classic Floo Plan

What are the main questions you should ask yourself before choosing to build on acreage land?

The questions I feel need to be considered are mainly for the in-the-middle-of-nowhere type acreage homes. The client then needs a good budget for infrastructure and would want to plan very carefully with me the orientation of the home on the block.

What are the typical challenges with these types of projects for you as a builder?

My opinion is, there is always different challenges on every block, it’s how you approach them that matters! It would be pretty boring if there were no challenges. That said, the extra challenges with acreage blocks throw-ups are mainly the infrastructure, but access can also be a little tricky at times.

However, there isn’t much I haven’t built over the years so I rarely get unexpected challenges these days.

What stand-out features does the Stroud Homes acreage home design range offer?

The stand-out feature for me is the meticulous thought process behind our homes – they just make sense and work. In terms of designs, the Mountain Façade is perfect for acreage in the Adelaide Hills and is proven very popular.

At the moment, I am getting several inquiries for a two-storey glass pavilion in the middle to capture views in both directions.

The Hudson Acreage Design Mountain Façade

How many acreage home designs are there to choose from, and do you have a personal favourite?

There are 28 acreage designs to choose from, which we will adapt and/or custom design from scratch.

My personal favourite is the Montego range. I just love seeing houses built with a garage at a right angle to the home. However, for this particular design, I would possibly adopt the garage to incorporate a loft room for an office with a mezzanine floor.

Montego 287 Skillion Façade


The Montego 287 Skillion Façade

How are issues like water supply and sewage connection usually handled with large acreage homes? Are there any designs with water storage tanks and/or household sewage treatment plants?

All the designs can have home sewage treatment plants, but we would use mainly a septic, which has no mechanical parts and no need to service. There are many homes in the Adelaide Hills that run only on storm water, which is also used for bush firefighting.

At Stroud Homes Adelaide we can take care of everything!


If you’re looking to build your dream acreage home in 2019, give Gary and the team a call on 0422 756 755 today to talk about your options.

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Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow