Building on Customer Service

Building on Customer Service

Stroud Homes prides itself on a high level of customer service, but there’s something Toby from the Wagga Wagga team offers that other building company sales teams lack.

Toby is also a carpenter by trade!

“With the salesman being a carpenter, it helps me and it helps people coming into the display home quite a bit too,” Toby says.

“Most people leave saying this is where they got the most information, and they’re really happy with that.”

While the owner, John Heffernan, is an experienced builder and manages all the home builds, Toby finds his own experience allows him to provide a lot more answers and costings on the spot, without having to pass information back and forth between builder and customer.

“A lot of it is costing, so me being able to talk to people about their budget and be up front and honest.

“If they want to add 9m2 to the garage and throw in 20 downlights, with me knowing how all that stuff works and operates, I can basically answer questions like that and not waste their time.”

This means most clients have a pretty clear idea of costs from the first interview, without any preventable surprises further down the line.

“If they’re building on an acreage, I’m the one who says we’re going to need a septic tank, extra gravel for the driveway, more lead for the electrical, gas and plumbing, that sort of thing.

“Usually, from what I’ve been told, that’s the kind of thing that comes up after they’ve already done the plans and paid the prelim, after they’re already tied in.”

Because Toby can foresee these extra costs at the start, it means they can be factored in and give everyone a much clearer picture of what they have to work with.

It also speeds up the process with less running around between parties.

“They get a really clear picture in a 20 minute meeting, rather than spending 20 hours with a salesperson talking about a plan that may never come to fruition.”

So if you’re planning on building a new home in Wagga Wagga, avoid the runaround and drop into the display centre on Morgan Street to have a chat with Toby about your home dreams.