Building on Sloped Blocks in Ipswich

Building on Sloped Blocks in Ipswich


The ups & downs of building on sloped blocks

Fitting the block for your new dream home can be proven difficult when building on sloping sites, but not impossible.

You might have found a block in a great location, the view is exactly what you’re after, and the price is within your budget. This can make a sloping block desirable to many clients.

But there can be a quiet a few challenges when building on a sloped block, which can become large issues if they aren’t addressed during the design and planning phase.

This can include everything from access issues for driveways and doors, to drainage issues once the house is completed.

We chat to Stroud Homes Ipswich General Manager Tom Sachs to find out more about building on sloped blocks…

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What excavation is involved in building on a sloping lot?

It all depends on the best outcome for the block.

There are three main methods for dealing with a sloping lot, each requiring their own amount of excavation:

  1. Little to no excavation – can only be used if the home is going on stumps.
  2. Split level design – the middle ground for excavation works, it involves flattening out two or more level pads for the home to go on, with stairs between each level.
  3. Major excavation works – if you have a lot large enough, and enough budget to retain the block, then it is possible to completely flatten out the building pad.
Does it take longer to complete a home when building on a sloped block, or will it still be completed within the 16 or 20 week build time?

Each split level job is different so we have to quote a completion time based on the job itself. On average it only takes us two weeks longer to complete a split level home over a standard single storey home.

Miami 270 Portico (Split Level) Façade
Does building a split level home cost more? How early can I establish the cost to build on a steep site?

It does. The easiest way to establish an exact cost is to use the soil test, contour survey and pre-check in our preliminary agreement, so our estimator is able to fully price your new home.

Are the any advantages of sloped land when building a home?

Absolutely, a sloped block can sometimes mean great views from the top and often the blocks themselves are cheaper as they are a bit more difficult to build on.

Stroud Homes Ipswich is an expert builder when it comes to sloped blocks and split-level designed homes, and is able to modify many of the designs to accommodate the client’s block.

Can you tell me about any slope blocks build you’re extra proud of?

We completed a build in 2018 that was on a sloped block, the clients ended up creating a custom two storey design, and the views from the top floor were fantastic!

If you have purchased or are looking to purchase a block that is sloping, you can contact us for a free site inspection, we can evaluate the options for your home and provide you with advice on the best solution.

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