Building On The First Year

Building On The First Year

Stroud Homes Wide Bay DIsplay HomeIt’s been a year since Stroud Homes Wide Bay opened their doors, so we caught up with Aletha to see how things have been going and what’s ahead for 2017.

“We’ve had a good response from the local region,” Aletha says.

Along with her builder husband Slade, they worked hard throughout the year and met with a lot of people looking to build their second, third, and even final home.

“We have a high retiree rate in our area, so a lot of what we’re doing isn’t really first home owners. We’re doing some of that as well, but that’s not primarily what we do.”

In August they opened their first display home in Eli Waters – a Wildflower 190 in alpine facade with really good results.

Funnily enough, the first thing most people notice is the façade.

“It’s the alpine façade. It’s something completely different to what’s being offered on the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay region, so it’s really caught a lot of people by surprise. It’s really popular.”

The design of the display home has obviously been a hit too, with almost a third of their builds being different Wildflower designs.

Kentucky 304 Classic Facade“We are noticing a pick up at the moment for the amount of Montegos and Kentuckys we’re quoting, so those are starting to come through and I think they’ll start happening more and more.”

They’ve also found themselves doing a lot of custom designs, which is always something different and interesting for a builder.

“We had someone come in we’re customising the home for a very indoor-outdoor sort of feeling. It’s got an internal water feature and garden area in the centre of the home.”

After the range of home designs on offer, the other draw card for many customers has been the 16 week build time Stroud Homes guarantees.

“That’s been a really big thing in our area, that when people start building with us they’re not going to be hit with a huge amount for extras. We’re guaranteeing that we’ll build on budget and keep on time.”

If you’re looking for a quality built home, built on time and within budget, drop in to the display centre or display home to chat with the Wide Bay team today.